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This is a very good question and very controversial across the world. I personally do not believe in witchcraft, however have not experienced anything of the sort and believe there's usually an explanation for most things. Could it destroy people? The belief in it, yes I reckon it could.
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I live in Asia, in a country which witchcraft is well known.

In some cases people suddenly got sick and the doctor found lots of rusted nails & screws inside the patient's tummy.  How could it get inside the tummy??? Witchcraft...

Witchcraft doctor are many in my country, you name what you want, they can give you... Some people goes there and get a certain thing with a spell on it that can make their opposite sex see them super attractive.

Some using witchcraft to help bring customer to their shop or restaurant.

So....yes it is real and it can destroy even  killed person....
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Yes witchcraft is real although it all depends from where you come from. In Africa, people use charms to protect themselves and cast spell on people. There are experts who are are very good when it comes to witchcraft and my question is, don't there powers get exhausted??
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 No I don't think I do believe in it although I must admit to being fascinated by the occult. I could never say for sure that it doesn't exist but I have never experienced it first hand so it's hard to imagine. 

Apparently there are 15 countries that still believe in witchcraft, sorcery and black magic. There are laws against the belief and some innocent souls if branded a witch can be put to death.
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As much as I'd hate to admit it, there are many evidence recurrently and concurrently not to. Even science recognizes the presence of entities in other dimensions indescribable. 

I live in Africa where these things are almost normal. Witchcraft is not strange around here. You find folks coming out openly to reveal their association with witchcraft, occult, black magic etc. You might want to say it's staged. Who knows!

If the existence of aliens, ghost, humanoids etc is conceivable, then this discourse is just a stone throw. 

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