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As a modern 21st century women I see alot of difficulties faced by women today as they are stressed to accomplish all their goals and dreams.  Nevertheless they always take the challenges and they do their best to stay competitive.  With better education, determination, perseverance, encouragement, tolerance, patience all strive to give WOMEN to work towards their goal and achievements.

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Women in the past used their sexuality as currency. There by cheapening their worth in someways, while achieving their persuasion in the mean time. Prostitution should be legal along with narcotics. Females, young adults, creative minds, need options. The traditional and current occupations are not nurturing of a demographic that will feel purposeful in contributing to society. There are many opportunities to have a society that is enjoyable and productive in the areas necessary.

Also family heads need to quit decreeing the life path of their children. Individually we have talents that are special in a way that cannot be replaced or replaced as well by another. Those who receive windfalls are not always worthy, nor will reinvest in society. And those who help is handed to never receive the help as it is directed into pockets, dictated to by hollow hearts. Logistics, scheduling, accountability to each other. Women we have become bitter ourselves competing over unworthy men and unnecessary things. Frenimies are not necessary relationships. If there is conflict it needs to be uncovered and confessed. Women gossip, hurts us the most.

Men need us! Not everyman is willing to become gay, and we still have prime baby making real estate. Don't but the cow, when we give away our cookies for free =).
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I believe that the way for women to succeed in the 21st century is by first decided what they want from the world rather than what the world wants from them. They have to find their niche and stick to it. Work hard for what they want and put in the time and effort required. Never wait for something to be handed to you, 99.99% of the time it will not be. Women are just as capable as men, we just have to be willing to go the extra mile to get it done. Don't go in expecting it to be easy, go in expecting it to be worth it.

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