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The question is are there any other websites like hubpages, but with not require google adsense account. Some year ago there was site squidoo it was very amazing, and now i'm looking for similar site like squidoo was, hubpages is ok but i need more alternatives. Better without google adsense account
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If you are looking for a Hubpages alternative then I recommend you

This hubpage alternative doesn't need a Google Adsense account to earn money on your articles. You will get paid for the views getting for your posts there on Rewritee.

They will pay you on PayPal or Skrill
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thank u mister i will try this one. if you using this site give me some more tips.
0 votes has ad sharing revenue other than Google adsense. They accept services such as Amazon, Viglink, and Zazzle to name a few. pays users based on views. and are websites where you can add back links to your own website., and will find similar websites for you. One last website is where you can post your articles for sale. 
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redgage didnt pay, i colected like 100 usd for payout but they dont pay an dont respot to support emails
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There are a large number of website online these days that allow you to share revenue the same as hubpages. You can have your own ads that you add to the site or the site has ads they ad to your articles and share the revenue with you. There are also sites that you can add your affiliate links to that will bring in a bit more revenue. You can check out these sites and see which one is best for you.

  • Infobarrel
  • DailyTwoCents
  • iWriter
  • Techulator
  • RedGage
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