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This could be answered a lot of ways depending on what you are talking about. Please explain your question to suggest a particular answer. 
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A bird is an animal which belongs to the phylum aves. This is because it form arms has been modified into wings so that it can fly. image

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Let me answer this question the best way that i can. Can we really get so many words to explain what a bird is, but we can incooperate everything. A bird is an animal that is vertebrate, it lays eggs, has wings and webbed feet. Birds are known to fly, and others are on land. We also have birds that are domestic and otherrs are known to be wild. If i can explain the different types, we have chikens, peacocks, geese, ducks, ostrich and so on. They are eaten and they all lay eggs. We all know that ostrich eggs are the largest of them all. The birds of the air are of many types, we have the eagle that is the master up there and very dangerous. We have crows, owls, bats, the small singing birds, doves they are quite a number,  and a good site to behold.
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Birds are vertebrates ( animals with backbones) with wings and feathers. Most bird can fly using powerful muscles to flap their wings. Instead of teeth they have horn-like beaks or bills. Birds hatch from eggs, and many species build nests. 

Class Aves

Kingdom Animalia

Scientific name Aves

Phylum Chordata
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A bird is a warmblooded vertebrate, with feathers and wings. Vaguely related to the reptiles, they share similar eyes. Thanks for the image Google.image

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