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How Air conditioners are harmful to human beings? What are the common defects we are facing while using Air conditioners?

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Air conditioning is not directly harmful. It has always been known that families living in air conditioned houses make more babies than families without it.

When you move to a hot climate your body has to learn three tricks: sweat more, start sweating sooner, and grow 50% more blood volume. Newcomers are advised to avoid working outside, stay in the shade, and drink lots of water. The process takes three weeks. Air conditioning interrupts that process and makes the person quite uncomfortable when he has to go outside again. It is possible to die as a result.
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Air conditioning is the best remedy for high humid areas during summer. I welcome that anytime because it is calming and very relaxing especially when you are inside the house. It also has it's diaadvantages aside from advantages. The disadvantage of airconditioners especially in cars can be a bit uncomfortable especially when there is low humidity. This can cause someone to have sinuses or start sneezing uncontrollably if they are allergic to dust. This i have expeienced myself and it really isn't something pleasant. The other thing is mould, if the air conditioners are not properly maintained it can cause a health hazard in the home. We all know how mould is caused, when there is no proper ventilation in the house, and moisture collects it will bring mould. So aircons are not bad they just need to be maintained to avoid any kind of damage healthwìse or in the home.
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If you have a badly maintained Air Conditioner in room and cars then it gets contaminated and harmful to the people. The following are the health problems caused by Air Conditioners

Low humidity

Airborne illness

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I can not stand to be in a room very long with an air conditioner running at all. My sinus blocks up and I have a hard time breathing. When you come in from the heat outside to a cold room you get chilled. This can cause you to get sick. I know during the really hot months of the year you can come home from a run or even working in the yard with sweat on you and your clothes wet. Staying in a room that is cold will give you the chills and cause you to get really sick. I think it is best to not run them and to stay away from them. 

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