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The normal compressed air used to inflate tyres contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other gases but some specialists are now offering inflate tyres with pure nitrogen. Nitrogen is used for less corrosion- because unlike air there's no moisture in pure nitrogen.
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Yes. Nitrogen is used to fill in tyre tubes. Density of Nitrogen, hence the pressure, varies less with the variation of the temperature. 
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Some people use nitrogen while others use air. Research shows that nitrogen in tires makes it last longer and gives a smooth ride, although air contains over 78 percent of Nitrogen, pure nitrogen is considered the best  for tires as it is cooler than air, and also non-flammable and toxic. The only disadvantage nitrogen has over air is the cost. Nitrogen is more expensive than air. High temperature can lead to tire burst, which nitrogen  prevents. 
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Nitrogen Gas is used to fill tyre tubes. Natural air were filled earlier which contains different gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, etc. But now tyres are filled only with Nitrogen Gas. 
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Most of the person fill nitrogen gas in the tyres. But some people is using to fill oxygen and other gasses also. Because if we fill the nitrogen gas in the tyres so vehicle is ridding smooth.

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