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I used to play a MMO called Toram on my phone. It was great! I was able to build up my character's level to about 45 by fighting monsters. I got really good armor and a weapon I loved by grinding materials and going to the armory. I also had a great guild that helped me when I was struggling. My guild master even invited a few of us to his house in the game and we had a barbeque. I had a cute pet and I was working on building a nice house. Also, we had our own guild area as a hangout with a guild maze in the basement which was fun to do together. And if I didn't feel like hanging out with my guild I could party up with strangers I found on the streets. Everyone was so nice. You could do anything, you could even dance in the middle of the street if you wanted in the game. With all these cool features I didn't care too much about the story line. Unfortunately, this game deleted all of my data. All my hard work was gone. My profile didn't exist anymore. And I have heard from other people who played this game that it has happened to them. It makes me sad to put so much time and effort into a game to just see it all go away. So I am looking for a similar, free MMOs to play. Perhaps on a computer so I have to log in everyday, maybe that will save my data. Any suggestions welcome :)

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Runescape is an MMO you can try. There is a good bit of free to play content.

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World of Warcraft. That’s an obvious one though I guess. Guard wars 2, Albion.............................................................

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