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I guess your talking about a home for the old age right? Don't get me wrong on this one, this is just an opinion that i have, as an African woman i feel like it's not right. This are our parents taking them to a home or say an assisted living community like you have mentioned, feels like you are neglecting them when they need you the most. Allow me to ask a question, aren't we supposed to take care of them in their old age? Why would you allow your mother or fathet to be taken away and have somebody else take care of them when you are able? To me i don't feel it's right. But let me answer your question,  even though i have never done it before neither am i looking forward to doing it anytime soon, you should find a place that is conducive for people of their age, this are people who will appreciate nature more than anything. They should be around pleasant, joyful and happy people that will keep their spirits up. I guess this are some of the things you need to put into consideration when choosing a place.
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This will all depend on where you live and how bad off your parents are. I know in the US they have special apartments set up that have cameras in the apartment that will monitor the couple in case there is a problem. They can live in an apartment like they live in their home and are allowed to cook and take care of themselves. The people are there to make sure they take their medicine on time and to offer any medical assistance they need. 

In order to find any type of home to put your parents in it is necessary for you to visit the home and check them out personally. You should talk to some of the people who live there and ask them questions about the food and living conditions before deciding on what home you'll put them in. I would not pick the first home I visit and I would really think long and hard before I did this one. It might be cheaper for you to hire a person to come into their home to help out each day to take care of them. This is more humane than just showing them off in a home to sit there and die.

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