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Hypothetically, if women didn't age beyond say, 20 and remained stuck this way for the rest of their lives, would beauty matter in a marriage? In the long run, she'd still be as beautiful as on the wedding day 70 years back. 

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Well, if a woman keeps her 20 years old appearance until she is 70, your statement would be lmplying that beauty actually matters, unless the woman wouldn't be considered beautiful even if she looks like a 20 year old all her life. Also, beauty standards are different for everyone, so she could be beautiful for you and not attractive at all for others in spite of her youthful appearance. Technically, beauty or aging shouldn't matter if they couple is really in love.
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If you get married and truly inlove... she will forever be beautiful into your eyes. If it matters? Not really...cause true love sees with the heart. 
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This is an interesting question indeed. Remaining sweet sixteen even in your 70's, that would be so awesome. It would be the best thing that ever happened to a woman for sure. To be sincere i reallly don't think it would matter that much, even if it did, it would take a very small portion of someone's life. I think when people finally decide to get married, they marry because they are in love with each other and not because of their beauty. If people got married because of their looks what else would they look forward to achieving really, they have what they were looking for already, so nothing else would matter to them. Unlike when you get married for love there is a lot to look forward to im a marriage that would be more fuldilling than beauty would. For me i don't think beauty would auatain a marriage it doesn't have much to offer but looking good for each other, there are other more important things that will keep people together.

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In all of the world, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If your marriage is stable and there is a lot of love between you and your husband then you will be beautiful to him even when you are 90. it is a good idea to not let yourself go and get fat and lazy after you are married. Keep the spark fresh and always keep the love flowing. No matter how much you change you will always remain beautiful. 
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Beauty is relative when it comes to marriage, character and qualities is what makes a person and that forms part of beauty. A person can be physically beautifully but posses a very strange character which makes it impossible for marriage to work. So even though marriage were to be everlasting, choices will still differ and people will still go for character over beauty.  Note that beauty is not what makes the marriage work, but character and this is what we exhibit with our partner.

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