Is it safe to buy products advertised on Instagram? - Answeree
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You can buy the products based on the reviews and the brand of the product. Better you can give money after receiving the product. 
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Instagram doesn't sell anything on its website the adds are from third-party websites. It is completely safe to buy those products but the best thing will be to review those products before you purchase them.
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Do you mean buying products from online stores via their instagram accounts?

Nonetheless, I don't think there's any difference between buying from an IG store and any other online stores. As buyers, our only source of proof and authenticity of the products are the reviews from previous buyers; hence, you might want to look at them before making a purchase to avoid the hassle of requesting for a refund or change of items. 
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You can buy products anywhere provided it is safe, not stolen, and in good quality. Apply the following tips: you can ask for receipt to check ownership, you can ask for duration of usage to check quality and the life span of what you are buying. Go online check the reviews from other people who have used the product, if the product has a fault check how easily you find replacement parts. Finally check out and compare shipping cost because distances may vary. 
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Yes.It is safe to buy the products,which are mentioned in the 'Instagram'.It is the form of the marketing of different companies.
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