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We often get together and have a braai and drinks. A braai in this corner of the world (southern Africa) is a barbeque. It's not exactly the same as what people in other parts of the world have. We usually have 3-4 various types of meat and salads with our barbeque. Typical meat includes beef steaks, chicken and lamb chops. We also have boerewors, a type of sausage that's unique to southern Africa. For salads, we like to have a green salad, potato salad and coleslaw. Often, we'll also add to the mix some pap, which is basically stiff porridge. A braai is good for hanging out with friends and family while eating great food, dancing and basically being merry.


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Normally we just chase my daughter around the house. We live with my parents at the moment, and my parents are fully enjoying the part of Grand parents. We love to walk her outside and explore new things, such as the birds she heard and the turtle laying underneath the bushes. She loves to pick up a tiny branch and hold it the whole time we are outside.
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Always remember that if you value a relationship, you give TIme. Time is very precious and should be spent well. Sharing stories during meal time is the best way to update each and everyone for their day to day. Even by simply watching movie together, doing chores and  cooking together make wonderful memories.

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