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     My greatest dream is to finish the studies for my children... I have 3 children, my oldest and second children graduated w/ a Bachelor Degree, and now my youngest is in the first yr. college. Actually, she's a PWD... we are very proud of her that she reached into this level. I hope and pray that in 4 yrs. from now, she will achieve her dream come true...
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I am in the evening of my life. I have accomplished whatever I could. So, nothing more at present.

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My goal in life is to succeed and give back to the society by helping out the needy.Am on my final year at the university hopefully that I'll be able to secure a job when I graduate. Its been a long journey for me and my family to reach this far.

Besides, am trying to get a stable online job that I can regard as my full-time job.Have been trying freelancing for years but I haven't succeeded.My goal currently is to ensure by next year am a good freelancer.
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Thanks :)

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If your goals are clear, you can always succeed.
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I guess I've already achieved so many of my goals in life. I raised my daughter on my own, put her through college and watched her get married. My two grandchildren are almost grown now and ready to go off to college. My major goals now in life is to enjoy what time any of us have left, have fun, travel, and prepare for a great life of retirement. 

I really don't see myself retiring because I am too active for this type of a lifestyle. However, I do see myself doing so much more in life and have plans to build a few more houses so hopefully one day my daughter and the kids will come here to live and each one of them will have a place of their own to call home. 

I also have dreams of building or changing around my home and maybe traveling the world to go and see the 7 wonders. I've seen a few, but there is so much more to see. I also want to give back to the ones who helped me out when I was young and they were always there for my daughter and myself. 
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Thank you :)
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I always thing about this question a lot when I am in bed and can't sleep. What do I want to accomplish in life? With the fact that one day I will die, I don't know what tomorrow brings, it can be so scary to have true picture of what my tommorow will look like. 

Nonetheless, I always bring my mind to senses with the thought that even though I will die one day, I will live all the other days. And as I live there is a lot to accomplish. 

I want to first get done with my university education. This will involve graduating, taking a PHOTC examination, going for one year internship then getting a Public Health License. For the time being, I can do all I can to return to the society through volunteering, donating to the needy and being overally generous. 

I also dream of getting married one day. My marriage will be based on love and I will do all I can to be the best wife and mother. I also want to be there for my parents and siblings.

There is a lot that I would like to accomplish in life and with God's help I know I will.
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I suggest that this should not be a cause or reason to lose your sleep.
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I have lots of things that I want to happen in my life. First, I want our house to be renovated by this year. I don't have money that is why I am working hard to earn and save for it. I know that I need to add some online earning sites or other extra income with this. I just hope I could find it soon. Second, I want to lose weight. I don't like my body anymore. I feel disgusted to see myself in the mirror. Just a few pounds will surely be a great accomplishment so I am doing it now. Third, I want to make my salary increase by this year. I want to be good at work and be promoted. I think it is impossible at work for now but I am going to try. If I don't like what I see, I might change jobs and will find another company next  year. I just want appreciation of my hardwork which I fail to see at present.
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To put it mildly I just want to be successful in all areas of my life,life throws so much pains and the unexpected at us but in the mist of all these I just want an accomplished life for myself.

I need to get a good and well paying job when I'm done with my certifications, I have taken up some courses that will help me be a professional in my chosen career as an accountant, I want to be a chartered accountant so I'm starting with ICAN and when I'm done I will  take up another to help boost my resume for a better offer.

Then again I need my kids to be accomplished too so I'm looking at sending them abroad to further their studies.So much to be done .
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I am bringing up my granddaughter as her parents were not able to. I have had her since she was 4 and she is now 11. She is turning into a lovely girl who tries hard with her school work, has lots of friends and does not get into any trouble like her parents did.  My goal in life at the moment is to see her grow into a happy, well balanced adult. I worry sometimes that I might not be around to see her reach adulthood even though I have very good health. I had a health scare recently which turned out to be nothing but it did make me think about what would happen to her should I not be here,

Once she is able to look after herself I hope to do a little more travelling and have some time for myself. My life has been put on hold for now but hopefully I will still be well enough when my granddaughter has grown to do the things I want to do.
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So many things! There is no stopping me when it comes to the things I can accomplish throughout my lifetime. I am still very young with much energy to expend on any feat I find myself. In spite of my vision of things a want to accomplish, I have come to realized that there is absolutely nothing I can achieve in life without the support and help of my creator.

Oh yes, it would have be easy for me to spell out ambitiously those things a want to accomplish, but I am aware that this life I am leading is not my own. And everything I am striving for has inherent interference of divine intervention. I am very confident with the present pace I am moving, the sky is not only going to be my limit, but a stepping stone.

In conclusion, my accomplishment in life shall remain indelible in the corridor of human history. The following is the motto for my pursuit in life: although the horse is prepared for the battle, safety is of the Lord.
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I hope and pray she succeed too like others. My desires and what I wish to achieve in life was the question I asked my self few years ago after I was among the staffs placed on stood off by the company I worked for. Though, the stood off was due to death of the CEO of the company and next of kin couldn't handle the company any longer.
I sat down and reason through my initial desire to have independent business. I started running around for help . I persuaded my close allies and families too to lend me or better still invest in the business. They were all afraid and few ones were even making mockery of me.

So, after trying many means to get or raise fund/capital and couldn't get any. I decided to sell my inheritance to raise the money. Though, it was sold at cheap price.

I invested in the business and I made it right. The business is booming well. I achieved my desire!.

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