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     A love and hate relationships in friends, family, lover... We're not perfect after all. But if someone really hurts you or your loved one, can you forgive that person???
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If God forgive human beings from their sins, so what about us. Everyone deserves a second chance but there is an instances that we know specific people who could only fool us. We can forgive them but we cannot forget what they had done. 

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Honestly, for me, I have a very hard heart to forgive and most of the time I tend to revenge but I usually don't like acting like the weak person, I hence tend to ignore. Surely, everyone deserves a second chance in life and it's according to biblical teaching.

Once you're forgiven, please try and don't make the same mistake again although the bible says that you have to forgive 7×77 times. We're human beings and won't stand forgiving someone for the same mistakes and we keep on being hurt.
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Right, thanks.
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I normally will give a person 3 chances if they continue to make the same mistake and continue to hurt me or my family. After this it is very hard for me to forgive them again. Because a strain has been put on our friendship and it seems the more you forgive them, the more they take advantage of you.

Now, on the other hand, a relationship between husband and wife, it is necessary to forgive and move forward. This can build the relationship and help each other. If you truly love your husband or wife it shouldn't be an issue to forgive the small things in life that happen. But if either one of the partners cheats on the other, then this is not forgivable. In this case, it really hurt and the trust is broken. This can be one of the hardest acts to forgive for anyone. 

I normally don't forgive a person who screams at me and embarrasses me in public or in front of their other friends to show off. However, I had a really good friend that I really liked to be with and do things with. She had a bad habit of yelling at me or acting like I was her servant in front of her friends. Finally, it was too much and I could no longer overlook this act. I finally just quit calling or accepting her invitation to do things with her. I have never treated a person with disrespect and it is hard to accept a person disrespecting me all the time. I can forgive more now than I could when I was younger. However, there comes a time when you run out of forgiveness and just have to say good-bye.
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I do believe in second chances. All people can do mistake without noticing it, but if the person is kept on doing the same mistake not once then that is a different issue, and it's so hard to forgive for those people who commit the mistake for the same mistake, if that person is sincere to do the right thing he or she will never repeat the mistake but if she or he repeat the same mistake, then don't accept him or her again
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if your loved one hurt you its hard to forgive them because there will be a lot of questions on your mind that you dont know the answer. but like what you said we are not perfect. if they hurt you once its ok to forgive them as long as you see that they are willing to change for the better and they learned from their mistake. 

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