Is it possible to end the split hairs ever? 
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Haircare is important and especially if you have long hair. You will need to have a good brush to use and most people suggest that brushing your hair will cause split ends. Conditioning your hair and using a good shampoo will help to control the damage that hair receives over time. If you braid your hair at night it is better for your hair and you should avoid dying your hair and also exposing it to too much sun. visit the beauty shop and have the split ends trimmed to keep your hair healthy. 
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Somehow you can not reverse the split end damage and it's very painful to realise this...and I can totally understand.

But I will give you suggestion to how to avoid it further..

Use satin pillow so that your hair do not face friction...

Then you should do a bun and protect your hairs from getting tangled and which will again lead to friction causing split ends..

Always try to check for split ends because as soon you see it coming, soon you can avoid it's further progress....

Hope it helps
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