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How to Find out Competitors Keywords in Google AdWords and Ads? please give your suggestions...
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Keyword research is the best way to research keywords and understand what your competitors are using. There are plenty of tools available online that will help you do the research that is needed in order to pick and choose top quality keywords for your website. Just keep in mind that you will need to buy these keywords. There are ways to get around this and use other types of keywords that will help you to improve your hits and website visits. 
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There are many tools that can help you find out your competitors' keywords. Google Keyword Planner Tool is an easy and free resource to use Google web crawlers to find your competitors' keywords. There are other tools such as Screaming Frog Spider and SEMRush. 

With tools like BuzzSumo you're able to input keywords that are important to your SEO and find out your real keyword competitors: other sites that rank the highest for said keywords. This also provides you a chance to find out what kind of content goes well with the said keywords. 

Actually the HTML source of your competitor's website is a also a good way to find what keywords they're focusing. If it is of any help, I'll mention how you can use your competitors' keywords. Obviously you can steal them straight away but a more productive and long lasting use would be to come up with new keywords that your competitors aren't using yet. And also like I've mentioned above, figuring out what type of content does well with certain keywords to improve on your content, is a great idea too. 

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