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This is such a great question that many of us have asked our selves or even others. Coming from personal situations and experiences I can say that I do understand your thoughts and emotions. One of the things that help me would be affermations. They are nice honest in depth and are true. Sometimes when in doubt have a friend help you. Another idea that I find to do is not only healthful but also relaxing yoga. I do hope this helps you very much. Please have a fantastic day and remember you are strong, and can make it through anything. 

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If something tragic has happened in your life it brings you down and you feel very low for a very long time. This can happen after a breakup or a major disappointment that you did not get the job that you had wanted for so long. In order to get past all of this, you need to take some time for yourself and concentrate on just you. Hang out with old friends, go to the spa and spend the day pampering yourself or go get your nails done and a facial. You can take a weekend adventure with your friend or family and just go enjoy nature, camping, and being alone in the great outdoors. The one thing you should not do is sit at home alone feeling sorry for yourself or even go out drinking in a bar and getting drunk. These do not make you feel better about yourself and the next day you will feel even worse.
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First you have to like yourself, forgive yourself about the past mistakes you made. Make out time for yourself, and during such time take a close at the mistakes you made and how well you have improved on them. Make out time to pamper yourself and be in a relaxed mood. Listen to positive and soul lifting messages and music.  Look at the positive side of life, and surround yourself with positive people who can help along your journey. Happiness is a thing of the mind, so work on your mindset, be happy with others and learn to share your thoughts with others too.
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Appreciating yourself comes from knowing your values and dignity. High self esteem can help us in loving ourselves. Self confidence is something that we develop and appreciate how we feel about ourselves. Personally, have been in a scenario where people could critize me because of my big eyes and skin colour. What I normally do, I just close my eyes and assume that I didn't here anything. I realised, no matter how they abuse me, I cannot change this is purely me and there's nothing I can do to reduce the size of my eyes.
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You must not mind the standards that other people sets for you. Knowing yourself more, you have to believe first in your capability and what you can do to improve yourself. Your social environment does not dictate who you will turn out to be when you go out of your comfort zone. Embrace who you are because there are many people who loves you genuinely without judgment and criticisms. Not everyone will be happy for you, you cannot please everybody. At least at the end of the day you will not regret doing what you know is best for you without hurting other people. 
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Everyone has a level of satisfaction. This level varies from man to man. One may feel better with what he is having. One may not be satisfied even after fulfilling all his desires. The best way to make yourself feel better is to reduce the level of satisfaction in your personal life. Besides you should everyday give a thank to the almighty creator for his blessings that make you feel better.
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Always remember one thing in your life "You are the Hero of the movie called your life". The best part of the movie "your life" is that you are also the director of the same. Whatever you do in your life, it results into the consequences you face in your life. Every human being has his/her best and worst times, good and bad qualities and good and bad experiences in his/her life. The major challenge is to get yourself out of the worst situations and keep yourself motivated to get better with time. The best way to do this is to always remember the good side you have in your life. Being it the quality, emotion, habit or any other thing you have that is unique and of good quality at the same time. This will boost your confidence and always make you feel better about yourself.
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Practice yoga,  read motivation blogs,  videos, work with optimistic people,  daily morning walk,  follow strict diet,  have healthy arguments
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Self evaluation makes one to better oneself. Accepting mistakes, learning from mistakes makes one the perfect one. No one can be perfect in this world. So accept and learn from mistakes.

Learn Learn Learn. Learning makes one life better.
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