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Is there any legit sites where one can make a decent income like $30 per month apart from answeree?Am interested mostly in forums and microjob sites.

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Here are a few sites you can check out and see if they would work for you.

  1. Postloop is a forum posting site that pays you to post on different forums. You'll need to take a test to qualify as a poster on this site. Depending on your quality score will determine what forums you can post on. Each forum has a set number of posts you can add to the forum each day. People can make between $30 to $50 a month if they work on this a few hours each day.
  2. MyLot is another website or what they would call a micro-blogging site. This site you can earn money for posting a new discussion, liking a discussion, answering on a discussion. Your rate of pay on this site is determined by the amount of work you do. This site can be time-consuming and some people don't earn much on the site because they don't get a lot of comments on the topics they post. While others can earn around $15 to $35 a month working on this site. 
  3. Forum Wheel is another paid to post forum site that pays you to post on different forums. This site works like Postloop and you'll need to pass the test in order to get accepted to the site.
  4. Paid Forum Posting is another forum posting site that makes you pass a test to work on their forum posting section. As a trainee, you'll earn less than a person who has been there for a longer period of time. If you work hard you can average around $75 a month from this site. But this site like the other ones will take time to work there and make the posts on each forum.
  5. Beermoney Forum is yet another site you can join and make forum posts. The site will pay you 2 cents for each comment and 5 cents for a new thread you add to the site. You only need $1 to cash out on the site. I've seen people make a quite a lot of money on this site when they work in the marketplace. The marketplace offers you coins for joining their YouTube channel or another site they work on. On Beermoney forum you can find a lot of legitimate work at home jobs you can do to earn a full-time, part-time or passive income each month. This is a great site filled with a lot of valuable information to help you find the best-paid work at home jobs online. 
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@Poehere most of those earning methods you've listed have tried all of them.I tried postloop and forum wheel but I didn't qualify then I later on tried paid forum posting and it was the same case.I later on joined beer money forum earned for sometime but later on the admin became strict and most of my points were being marked as thrash and points deducted.The only forum that's so far working for forum coin.Mylot is really slow earning and not worth my time.

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