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Is there any legit sites where one can make a decent income like $30 per month apart from answeree?Am interested mostly in forums and microjob sites.
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Here are a few sites you can check out and see if they would work for you.

  1. Postloop is a forum posting site that pays you to post on different forums. You'll need to take a test to qualify as a poster on this site. Depending on your quality score will determine what forums you can post on. Each forum has a set number of posts you can add to the forum each day. People can make between $30 to $50 a month if they work on this a few hours each day.
  2. MyLot is another website or what they would call a micro-blogging site. This site you can earn money for posting a new discussion, liking a discussion, answering on a discussion. Your rate of pay on this site is determined by the amount of work you do. This site can be time-consuming and some people don't earn much on the site because they don't get a lot of comments on the topics they post. While others can earn around $15 to $35 a month working on this site. 
  3. Forum Wheel is another paid to post forum site that pays you to post on different forums. This site works like Postloop and you'll need to pass the test in order to get accepted to the site.
  4. Paid Forum Posting is another forum posting site that makes you pass a test to work on their forum posting section. As a trainee, you'll earn less than a person who has been there for a longer period of time. If you work hard you can average around $75 a month from this site. But this site like the other ones will take time to work there and make the posts on each forum.
  5. Beermoney Forum is yet another site you can join and make forum posts. The site will pay you 2 cents for each comment and 5 cents for a new thread you add to the site. You only need $1 to cash out on the site. I've seen people make a quite a lot of money on this site when they work in the marketplace. The marketplace offers you coins for joining their YouTube channel or another site they work on. On Beermoney forum you can find a lot of legitimate work at home jobs you can do to earn a full-time, part-time or passive income each month. This is a great site filled with a lot of valuable information to help you find the best-paid work at home jobs online. 
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@Poehere most of those earning methods you've listed have tried all of them.I tried postloop and forum wheel but I didn't qualify then I later on tried paid forum posting and it was the same case.I later on joined beer money forum earned for sometime but later on the admin became strict and most of my points were being marked as thrash and points deducted.The only forum that's so far working for forum coin.Mylot is really slow earning and not worth my time.
I was also a member of mylot but i found it too difficult to earn anything of much value.
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Look, to be honest with you, there's really no posting site that can make you that kind of money in a month, except you work them fulltime. Even at fulltime, there's always some type of set rules that will slow down your pace. Take answeree for instance, in the past you could easily make $30 within a month. But since the new rule of maximum number of post per day came along, making $30 will take a minimum 6-8 weeks to achieve. The same goes for almost every other posting sites.

The best possible way of earning the said amount of cash and even well above that in a month is by freelancing. Since you like to write, it shouldn't be difficult transitioning from minor posts to major posts like article writing, blog post, essays etc. This are the kinds of online jobs that can make you your intended amount. All you have to do is find and register with any reliable freelance site. Then start the struggle by bidding or accepting job offers depending on the sites operations. Try it out and see how it goes.
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There are paid forums that can earn you $30 individually or collectively.
Beer money forum: This is a paid to post forum that reward members 20 BMF for comments and 50 BMF for creating a thread , 1000 BMF is equal to $1, on this forum every member is eligible to make 3 posts and 3 threads per hour,  so it is possible to earn more than $1 daily if you are very active,  which will give $30 or more monthly.

Digital global forum : This is also a paid to post forum that reward members for making posts and threads as follows : 15 DG per posts,  25DG per thread,  5 posts and 5 threads minimally per hour,  1000DG is equivalent to $1.25 , if one is also very committed to this site it is very possible to earn $30 or more monthly with it stress,  it has lots of sections to make comments but restricted currently in terms of accepting members.
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There are earning sites that one can earn this amount monthly but it will require one working hard and being online at least 8-10 hours daily. So if you're sure you can start by using this micro job site called microworkers. This is a micro job sites that one can work on different tasks like signing up,posting to forum,liking profiles on social media etc.There are just simple task and one can make up to $30 monthly.

Bulkcomments is a good site that needs one to be active too. This is a paid to post site that needs one posting to social media,forums and blogs. With activeness one can make this amount monthly.

Postloop: This is a very legit posting site. One can get about 5 cents per post and can make over $30 monthly.

So just sign up with these sites.
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If you are working a multiple different earning site online,definitely yes, you can earn the amount you are aiming for, and it depends also how you spend  your time working online. The Microworkers alone, you can earn $30 if you are diligent and complete every tasks available on the site. Remind though that the site, for the first payment request you needed a pin, and this pin will be sent to your address within a month. So, while waiting you can earn. Other earning site, you add to your list is the Toluna, you can take surveys, join the competitions and redeem it via Paypal cash or vouchers of your choice. I am not sure of iPanelonline is still available and working in the Philippines, you can take survey and get paid via Paypal.

You can do blogging too, first build your website, and start blogging with your interest topic. You can choose too to sell e-book online, or write an article and get paid, you can sell used items online, or you can work as virtual artist.
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There are many onlinne earning methods.which some of it are;

Online earning Apps;  you can work hard on your app. Ad Mob makes earning revenue easy with in-app ads, actionable insights, and powerful,, easy to use tools that grow your app business. Some other online ways to earn money both online and offline are; Online survey; such as answeree or DG; DG is actually better compared to answeree if you need to make more than $30 as it is in answered. Because in DG you can make 5 post per hour and a post will earn you 15 point. So in a day,  you can earn 15x5x24 and you can earn even more by posting threads just same way you make comments. But each thread will earn you 25 points. So 25x 5 per hour x 24hour. Just do the math.

Also,another way through which you can earn much more is by starting your own website
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