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Is becoming a real competition to Google ads? Is it a good alternative to Adsense? How much does they pay for each 1000 visitors at a rate of 3 percent CTR?
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There's no definitive answer - I've heard from several users that it varies.

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This is a bit hard to determine with They work with the advertisers based on CPC, CPM, CPL, and CPA. All these models are then displayed to the publisher as CPM. Therefore, a publisher should be able to see what their rate is for 1000 clicks. Unfortunately, doesn't display this information and it is hard to actually determine which model you are being paid for and how much each model pays you. When you look at the reporting model from they don't display any information about CPC or CTR.

However, you can roughly calculate this if you if you earn $2 for one ad. The click-through rate would work out to be around 0.5% click-through rate. You can calculate this and it would work out to around $0.40 per click. That is the best that anyone can do to figure out the rate because of how the different ads are configured with different advertisers. 

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