I am trying to lose some weight, what would be the best and most healthiest way? 
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Eating healthy has always been one of the best ways to lose weight and maintain your normal weight. Eat lots of vegetables and salads and avoid eating large meals late at night. Stay away from greasy and fried foods and try to cut down on your bread and pasta intake. Also, you need to do a regular exercise program. There is no need to go to the gym all the time, you can find many apps to download and install on your mobile device or visit YouTube and follow along with the program. There are even exercises that totally work that you can do at work sitting in your chair. I tested them and they work and you actually can tone up your legs and stomach following these exercises. 
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Thank you so much for your reply. I found it to be very helpful and also very interesting as. I have tried many times to do the diets and things like that but each and every time I have failed. I was wondering if you had any other types of advice that would help me be able to keep up with the diet plan? I also would like to know the specific apps that you have tried that work the best for you. The only apps that I found hat where helpful was ones based at the guys. It is hard for me to find time to go to the gym? Thank you again. 
 I like the Nike trainer app that I have found on The App Store and downloaded and installed on my iPhone. This one has workouts that are 30 minutes or even 15 minutes. This one has goals and will help you out and tell you when to take a break or even show you how the exercise is done.

As for eating healthy I normally make a salad 5 nights a week and add roasted chicken or other things in the salad to eat. With this, I make some soup and have this for dinner. I stay away from all types of oil when I am cooking and normally cook my food in a wok that I do not have to add oil to when I am preparing dinner. I add a lot of vegetables to the food and I also eat a lot of fresh fish.
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Two best methods to lose weight is cutting down on food intake and exercising more. We can replace the high calorie food with fruits and vegetables which has more vitamins, fibers, acids and vitamins. While some people skip breakfast, others can take light breakfast as a way of watching their weight. When it comes to eating we should be conscious of the fact that is not what we eat that matters but the value of what we eat. Make out time for exercise to burn out excess calorie within the body, the reason people don't see results is that the exercise more but later eat more than they have burned out. 
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