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I think this would really depend on where you are from. In the UK there is a huge range of products for chapped lips in all sorts of flavours but people still go for the old tried and tested Vaseline (petroleum jelly)  which is available in many countries. It has been around since 1872 and I believe it is made in the United States.

In my country they now do it in tiny handbag sized tins and in strawberry flavour so this is my first choice when my lips get cracked and sore.
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If you want basic, easy and useful solution then you can use petroleum gelly(Vaseline) for your chapped lips....

But other than this pure almond oil is also a very effective method....just rub it properly on your lips and let it stay overnight and you will see improvement next day...also it will make your lips natural pink and help it to recover soon

Along with this you must drink plenty of water to hydrate your body for a permanent solution...

Hope it helps
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