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She has lost respect and interest in you. Shes suppose to be ur girlfriend that means she suppose to represent u. Speaking only good things about u infront of u and behind u. When she start telling lies, and going behind u who know what else she will do. This person is no longer trust worthy.. This is not loving or caring of her. Meaning she dose not care about how u feel or how others will look at u. And she dose not love u enough to forgive u so thats where the lies springs from. Hope yall can work it out tho or go ur separate ways
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I strongly agree with you, lying is disrespecting at the same time.  
True when lying comes in between the equation, this is an alarm to tell you this person is not fit for you. 
I agree it is no longer a relationship, maybe she's doing that indirectly to mean it's over. 
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I believe it is because she truly does not love you and she does not like what you do. She is not a woman that you can trust and not one that you want to spend the rest of your life with. It is time to take a deep look into your relationship and make a decision about her and if you want to let this go on or have it stopped now. It may happen that you will need to stop seeing her and try and find a woman who is good to you and really loves you. 
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See what  I  believe is that in relationships there has to be transparency which in this case it's lacking alot, some people lie coz they are pathological liars, if it starts to affect you deeply then sadly you have to cut it off cut the toxicity, it's not healthy for your wellbeing. 
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People are different and as such have different qualities and character. You need to talk some sense into her, but not in a quarrelsome manner because during heated conversation it is hard for people absorb the truth. If you let her understand that you like her as a person but the lies behind you is what you don't like. And for a change it is best for her to discuss issues with you first. And you also need to check yourself are you doing things she does not like, I mean it is your relationship and problems in relationships are best ironed out through peaceful communication. 
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What was the reason for that relationship if one of you tend to distroy your reputation. I might not know your true situation why your girlfriend is doing that,  she should not be doing it for you were partners and everything you do in your relationship should be settled just between the both of you not to talk about it to someone else, it'll make it worst. Or your girlfriend just dont have that guts to confront you. Try to talk to her as partner as a lover and as boyfriend. 
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She is not being truthful, seek some time to talk with her and let her say what bothers her. It is a bad habit and if it doe3stop, I would suggest you end the relationship. 
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