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when you like someone and you feel that he or she is good for you, nothing will stop you from telling them how you feel. there is nothing bad in speaking our your mind when it comes to feelings. Keeping quiet could make you loose out.

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Normally the direct approach is the best approach when you are telling a person how you feel about them. However, this can be hard if you are shy or afraid that the person does not feel the same way about you. You will never know unless you try. You can ask the person out for drinks and strike up a conversation with them and tell them that you really like them and want to see more of them. 
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First you need to understand that telling someone 'you like them' is not something that will hurt them but instead encourage to keep at their best. Before you like someone that means that person is doing something that encourages others like you, so in appreciation you can let the truth out. But in all seriousness you have to be honest and truthful about it, you can't say 'i like you' then turn around and hurt the person, so your action most meet your words. Finally you also need to understand that no one will hurt for telling them the honest truth, so just look for the right opportunity to say it, especially during a heart to heart discussion. 
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When you share out your thoughts, they might find it funny and abuse you or even embarrass you in front of people which you'll regret for the rest of yoir life.

The best thing to start with is try having connection with them through friendship. Although this might be hard as well, there must be some occasion where you stumbled with him/her before. Take advantage of that and enhance that friendship.

After you've known each other for some time, know the strengths and weaknesses of the person and when you feel like you already know the person well, you can go ahead and raise the subject. 
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If you truly like someone and if your feelings are true, then admitting to that someone won't be that hard. Admitting your true feelings isn't weird - it's bravery, because you have the a possibility to be rejected but still you take courage and pursue. Well, just be ready for the consequences of being rejected, still respect his or her decision for saying no to you.
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