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I would like to visit Dubai and London. From childhood, I used to hear many things about these locations like the climate, culture and so on. It inspires me to visit at least once. I hope it happens.
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Hope your wish comes true soon. Dubai is very nice place. Thanks for your answer.
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I have heard friends who have been all over the world, they travel and when they come back they will always give me stories about the places they visited and i would be like, ooh wow i wish i could also have the opportunity to travel around the world and see the marvelous works of God. I love traveling for one, i love adventure and getting to learn new stuff see new things, meet different people, it just makes life more interesting, sometimes it's exhausting to keep waking up to the same all stuff every day. I always pray that i will one day walk in the paths of my parents, not on the negative side but the positive side that being travel. I still admire the pictures my mum and dad took while they traveled and worked abroad, and i think to myself i can also do this, i know nowadays things maybe hard, and the economy is not as friendly as it were those days, but it can still be done as long as i have faith and God sits on his throne, nothing is impossible with my God. I may have several places where i would want to travel, it's not one or two places but several. I would love to go to a place that is unfamiliar to what i have have already experienced before. Dubai would be my very first pick, because of the many wowing factors of tall buildings and beautiful gardens, but i guess i have experienced some of those things here. I have never seen snow with my naked eyes, i think that would be a first. I would like to experience first hand how it falls, and how it melts, now that i guess would be amazing for me., and what better place to watch this than the Rookie mountains! I got a lovely gift book from Canada and i thought, this would be a nice place to visit it has a lot to be desired. I may not be a fun of cold weather, but i would brace the cold just to see what i have always desired in my heart. After i explore i would then want to retreat as soon as possible to Florida/ Miami and enjoy the sunny beaches, now that would be an experience and a half. So i guess the US would be the first, then the rest can follow because there are many places that i would pass through.
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I  have always loved prehistoric scenes. In my life, I have wished to visit Jerusalem so that I can see the foot steps of Jesus, visit Israel and Bethlehem too. In my country, I would also visit beaches and some hills just to get the experience how it feels like.
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Jerusalem is a great site indeed get in touch with your church and convince the pastor to make a trip  to Jerusalem together. It will be fun for sure.
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If there is one place I wish I could travel to, that would be Dubai, the capital of United Arab Emirates, the transformation of that place from a desert to the topmost tourist destination is amazing, though it is very hot but still it is worth trying it out. It has historic landmarks, and some stunning architecture like the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai mall, and the indoor ski. Though it still maintains its cultural inheritance but I strongly believe that the combination of the old with the modern is sure to captivate any traveler.  
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Traveling is a great source of enjoyment. Since my childhood I have been cherishing a desire in my heart to travel to a lonely island. There may be some aquatic creatures like dolphins to welcome me. 
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I would love to travel to various places in Europe. I also would love to take a cruise on the Panama Canal. I have been on many cruises and traveled all over the Caribbean and hopefully will be able to experience those places soon.  
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If I get a chance to travel anywhere in the world I would go United States of America and France. From childhood itself I have heard many things about these countries.
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There are so many magnificent places in the world that I yearn to visit. These include Paris, London, Berlin, Singapore, Egypt, Zanzibar and Nigeria. 

I hope to first visit these places before I grow my list again. 
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I think it would be Paris because of the amazing sites that are there and the history the country has with the other European countries. I would like to be there for myself and feel the vibe for myself.
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