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To create a mobile app can cost little as nothing to a huge amount depending on the type of apps, functions and hosting platform. After creating an app, people also pay to promote the usage of such app which adds to the cost. But with continuous usage cost associated with the production of the app is recovered. One way app manufactures make a living is through the running of paid adverts on their apps, also most hosting companies pay manufacturers pay app download, which still exposes the importance of promoting the apps functions. 
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The overall cost depends on several factors. If you are creating the app yourself or you are having it done by a professional. The cost of any work depends on the difficulty of the work, the time it will take and what you want the app designer to create. If you are looking to have a paying app it is a good idea to hire a good design company to create this app for you. The design companies can charge you by the job or they can charge you by the hour. Get quotes from several companies before you choose the one you want.
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