More and more good morals are declining and the world is getting worse. Why is there so much sadness in the world?
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Lifestyles have made people go against their Christian values, values that were taught by our fore fathers. There areso many things that are making us turn away from God. Education, career, money mindedness, selfishness are just some of the many aspects that are turning people away from God. We can see people nowadays boasting about their success in every area of their lives, basing it on their own efforts when all the while, it has been God. That just tells us that we no longer need God to guide or direct us in our lives. We are sad because we do not know who holds our destiny, we don't know who we are in God, we need to realize that we are God's children, and he loves us regardless of who we are. We tend to think that when we don't get what we ask from God, he doesn't love us so we decide to do things our way which most of the time disappoints us, and then end up blaming God for our misfortunes.
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We currently live in a generation which undoubtedly achieved a lot of information about our Galaxy, our Planet, our environment, our bodies. The so called term 'Miracle' can be defined as an event which occurred and at the current period of time can not yet be explained scientifically. We, as people of this era, solved a lot of those miracles and understood that science can never be compared to spirituality-religion in answering different questions of life and existence. Living in a world of liberty means living in a world of understanding and believing in ourselves, not being pessimistic waiting for a 'holy' hand to help us and give us the strength we need. In the past (couple of hundreds of years before) religion was a movement of people to gather together as a group due to mutual beliefs. It is like political parties nowadays, same principle. People can not move forward by themselves, they need the approval of the person next to them and since a group of people is now formed with supposedly same ideology, they feel stronger. A world of peace and love can not include Religion and War in it, just conscious mind and free spirit!
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There are a good number of people who believe in God and its only a few atheists who are trying to ruin and spoil people's mind. People are becoming too irrestless waiting for God's time. They tend to forget God can take decades to say YES. My advise is, we should not tire, let's remain patient.
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Lots of people still believe in the existence of God. I belonged to a Nigerian site where virtually everyone did no matter what was happening in the world.

I come from a country where plenty of people are not religious. My own view is how can there be a God who allows little children to be born into war zones  poverty and disease. It just doesn't make sense. Surely if he was real he could stop all the wrong doing. All the praying in the world won't stop what is happening and more and more people are beginning to see this.
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People tend to not believe in God because they think that if you can't see him then why believe. Their thinking in their minds that if they can't see him then he must not be real they use the term seeing is believing.
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The pursue of quick gains has made people forget about the CREATOR, but no matter what happens something keeps reminding us of HIS LOVE and CARE. Unending problems is another reason people seems to forget about the ALMIGHTY, but ignorantly the more we closer to GOD, the more we can receive solution to most our problems. Another truth is lack of understanding of as the bible let us to understand that God is spirit and those that worship HIM must do so in spirit and in truth truth. 
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I am not completely agree with this. Everyone knows that the God is the creator of this whole universe. Some people may not have the belief on God. But they knows it well that there is a supreme power that regulates each and every object in the universe.
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We couldn't say like that. People do believe in GOD. As you said, the good morals are declining day by day. Even in the name of GOD, some are doing mistakes. But still there are people who believe GOD and behave morally. 
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Because they are already decieved by Satan. Satan will do everything to decieved us and to nt to belive in God. He uses his miracles, he takes oppurtunity on your emotions and temptations for you will not to belive in God. 
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Since we are living is Satan's system of things people are following his was of selfishness so this causes decent people to be affected by the injustices done to them and they will become discouraged and lose faith in God and his promises of receiving blessings now and in the afterlife for living a righteous way of life.
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The only reason I can see is that people are losing their faith, Now days people want rapid solutions to all their problems because it's easy to try new-new things rather than keep on believing something you can't see. This worldly thing can solve their problem but only for a temporary period of time and after that all you are left with is a hollow soul, an empty void of hope sadness, depression, and tears.
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God created us to recognize Him and do wonderful and good deeds. Unfortunately evil has entered the world so much through the hearts of human beings is pleased with wrong doing. People are after the pleasures of the world and its riches forgetting that all is from God. 
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In my view peoples who are living their lives in a very difficult situation facing problems everyday that's why they don,t have faith in god anymore they think that they are trying to solve the problems as much as they can but god is not helping hem to finish their problems.  
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I would say those people who don't believe in god are of 2 categoroes.

1) who are scientific and logical.
2) who focused more on religion rather than god himself.

I am sorry to say but here in India i see many people are religion obsessed and i do not understand why? Humanity is itself a religion and is greatest of all. Why they can't just make it prosper rather than doing all this stuff. These differences are also the sole reason behind terrorism.  (Say these people can't ever i think connect to the higher intelligence out there)

Now move on to the 1st category
They don't believe in god because their heads have been mugged up with a hell lot of information they had studied science books they know everything has a reason behind it. I was also one of them since it's a matter of experience and perception and faith most of all it's nearly impossible for some people to believe in god. But to those i just have a suggestion. Don't make up your mind so early. Don't say yes or no. Just try if there is something or not. You will know yourself.

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What is god for you.?

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