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Whoever said marriage is a bed of roses never lied. Others may take this saying literaly, but if you look at it objectively it means that marriage will also have its ups and downs, cons and prons, it will have its sweet and bitter side. Just like the roses they are beautiful to look at, but when you mishandle them they will prick you. So in marriage there are certain things that are better left unsaid, because if you bring them into your marriage, they will hurt your marriage, or break it. No one has a perfect marriage in this world even preachers break sometimes. There is no one who is too good or too perfect not to make mistakes. And mistakes are there to correct us, to warn us and to make us better people. If we never make mistakes how will we know how to handle conflicts when they come our way. Anyway fights will always exist between married couples for the simple reason that they are different in their own ways and you have to sacrifice at some point to have the needs of your partner met. And that's how people live and survive in a marriage.
The major thing that leads to fight in any marriage is misunderstanding and it's a normal thing for husband and wife to misunderstand themselves but it shouldn't get violent in any way. 

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When two people marry they are so much in love and everything is so new. They are so happy together and life seems so wonderful. The years pass and each of the starts to change. The ideas they had in the beginning, aren't the same as they are no. This leads to stress and fights about life and what is taking place. At first, it could be something small and later on it seems that anything and everything the other person does seems to bother or irritate them. This is what leads to many fights between couples.

People grow apart or they don't seem to be growing in the same direction. It doesn't mean they have stopped loving each other, it basically means they are both looking at life differently. Normally this happens after a couple has been married for 5 to 7 years. Some call this the seven-year itch. Others call it growing apart and seeing their life together as going nowhere.

If these people can make it through the rough times and start to see life again the way they use to see it the fights will stop and they will settle down and be happy again. Marriage is hard work and there are many ups and downs in a marriage and a lot of times outside influences will contribute to these problems. 
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The reason why most couples fight always is lack of understanding.


When two people don't really understand themselves they are tend to fight on little issues that can be resolve amicably.


Being together in a marriage is something you learn,its very important to know each other very well in and out before getting married.


To sustain a marriage the couple needs to be able to tolerate themselves, always be patient and forgive each other.


Loving each other brings a lot of joyimage

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Married people fights because they're imperfect beings and there are bound to be conflict but the power to rectified such is the ultimate. Most times they forget they forget that peace is a lot better.
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