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So there’s this guy who sits next to me in ELA. He’s the freshman quarterback and he’s nice enough and I think I kinda sort have a crush on him(?) The thing is two of my friends sit behind him so I’m constantly rambling to them because I’m me and every so often he’ll give me a look like, “Dude wtf?” Because I’m a weird kid. But the look he gives isn’t a bad one, he just seems confused. Sometimes I’ll give him context and he’ll laugh it off like it made sense when I know it prolly didn’t. Anyway the seat in front of him is free and he has the option to move into it, but he doesn’t and whenever he has a question he’ll ask me. I don’t know if I’m reading too much into it or if I could maybe kinda sorta become his friend(?) Anyway, advice please?
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Am just wondering good and bad look, how do they look like? I can tell a mean look to a friendly look though. Anyway, it seems like you friend is busy minding his own business, so he probably doesn't even know that you have noticed him so some way. when you say that he looked at you and said WTF dude, in my thinking it seems like he is wondering what is wrong with this guy he keeps staring at me and never says anything, don't be shocked if he asks he's friends if you are some kind of psychopath, (this is just an example) how would you then feel? That is why we are always told it is good to communicate your feelings to people you think you like, because they may not have the same thoughts or feelings about you. Your saying you may have a crush on him, why don't you try to approach him and tell him how you feel. It's simple just find out when he is alone, am sure you have monitored for a while, so you must be knowing the times he is alone ans where he sits. Once you have done that walk up to him, introduce yourself, don't go straight to the point first, just strike a conversation and see how he responds. If it is good, proceed on and you might just get what you have been hoping for.
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Likeness starts with friendship and building confidence and understanding. When someone trust you, he will be willing to accept certain form on invitation. So even when he rejects it, don't discontinue the friendship, take it with understanding.  so the foundation most be laid first which includes openness, trust, friendship, honesty. Love grows so build it up.
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