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Life generally is full of issues that will always be a bother, but of course being in it is inevitable because we are kept alive to experience it. I get so bothered with stuff that goes on around me everyday, and it puts me off all the time, yet i cannot escape from it, especially if it in the house. You cannot run away from your own home can you? You just have to live with it. Anyway am usually bothered by my niece who stays with me when she just wouldn't speak. She would go into silent  mode, she would not do chores in the house, all she does is watch movies and keep to her phone the whole time. Funny when you ask questions she will answer, either if it is with one word or one sentence and that's it. There is no conversation there really, it's like we are having a question and answer session it is so annoying. Another thing that bothers me is when you are driving and someone decides to overtake you or crosses to go to another lane without indicating, now that is very disrespectful, and unruly. Throwing rubbish on the roadside or even on the highway from the car, very bothering. It always gets me thinking, do this kinds of people ever think about the people who sweep these roads and side walks? And does it ever occur to them that someone could be watching them, and wondering how they stay in their houses. I always feel that they are ignorant and insensitive No one should behave in that manner especially in public it is bad manners.
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Love was a great bother to me till i realised that t everyone is meant for relationship, some of us are meant for other things.  I just feel too comfortable being single because there's no one to bother me.
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I tend to become anxious over small things which I know is stupid. Now that I am older I worry about death more than I used to and have come to realise how fragile human life is. I am currently bringing up my almost 13 year old granddaughter so I worry about what might happen to her if anything happened to me. If I make another 5 years I hope she will be independent and I can stop worrying as much.

Other small things bother me like rudeness in others especially towards the elderly or people who take advantage of others. Marketing calls from people trying to get money out of me bother me too but I know that all these small things would become unimportant if something more serious happened in my life.
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At this moment I bother about my marriage, things that will make it best, how I can make my partner constantly happy. I also think about my health, because without you all your dreams are gone, the body drives our activities on earth and such adequate care in-terms of rest, food, and exercise are necessary. Finally my family, I wish my family members good health, and I want to see them happy, and prosperous. My job too also concerns me, my promotion, and how to improve myself knowledge wise. 
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We are all living in the competitive world. All experiencing ups and downs in life. Many things are bothering me. Back stabbing bothers me. Talk behind bothers me. Selfish people bothers me. But it is common in life. We have to face it. 
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The people around me bother me. They are sometimes stressing and pressuring me to do this and that. Sometimes I'm not happy to be with them. They are toxic.
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