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That is a good question. Nobody can predict the future of blockchain. However, today the market is still holding after a major decrease in the value of the Bitcoin. Some say it is because there are only so many Bitcoins that they can produce and in order to keep the value from rising too hight they need to lower the value of the market. If some Governments had their way they would ban this all together. I believe that is because they can not control the currency and they are not making a dime off the currency. One day the government might take this over and then the market will be stronger. 
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The future of money transfer and exchange lies in the blockchain technology, and some corporate financial institutions have come to realize this, the only set back at this moment is the back-up laws, countries like the United Sates is still awaiting SEC approval for Bitcoin trading, while most countries have gone ahead to establish laws guiding the usage, transfer and exchange of cryptocurrencies others are yet to follow, today we know that huge organizations and individuals hold billions of investments in cryptocurrencies, so the era of blockchain has arrive. 
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