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There are various methods of studying for exams. people vary here not everyone studies the same way. I guess it also depends on a student and their level of understanding. There are those who find it easier to just read through material and they are okay, and there are those who would rather write down everything that they read and memorize it, either way you can study and pass your exams. If you are those students who listen when a teacher is teaching and you grasp everything you are lucky because that wouldn't require you to read much, but if it is the other way round, then you sit in a quiet room, no distractions, switch off your phone, tv or radio. You should be sitting at a table that has good lighting so that you don't strain. The chair should also be comfortable to avoid any kind of distraction. Try to focus on one subject at a time, don't do two or three subjects at a go, that will confuse you. Read and write down any point that catches your attention, and go over it once you are done writing, that will enable you to understand better. Do not go over your books again on the exam day you will get yourself more confused stick to what you read the previous day. Just take the time to relax and wait for the paper. all the best.
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Going through your notes is never good enough. The best way to revise for a test is by going through question papers for that subject and if you had some short notes somewhere, then this is best time to use them. Stay focus on what you think might be tested because you just can't revise everything.
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Notes are the best reviewer for your test. Never worry if you have these.
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People study in different ways. When I was at school I had a very good short term memory so I would cram before an exam or test and hold that information in my brain until I didn't need it any more. It's probably not the best way though, it's better to study gradually and build up to an exam so you retain the information over a long term period. Get someone to help and ask you questions that you are likely to be asked so that you can be sure you are covering the whole topic. Don't be afraid to ask questions on anything you are not sure about. Your teacher is there to help you and won't think you are stupid
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The best way to study for a test is to read with understanding. Areas we may find difficult, we could approach a more knowledgeable person for explanation. It is easier to recall what we read if we understood the topic, we may use our own words to give description, unlike quoting the same words and phrase. Allow your self ample time to prepare and cover wide areas before the test, it is advisable to take mock test and practice past questions before the actual test, as this exposes you to likely questions that may come up during the actual test.  
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The best way to study for a test is that you should study in a systematic way.You should study from the start.You should revise before the examination.
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You must learn to study ahead, make use of past questions, google to know more about the course, practice well, ask questions, and read hard.
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By making proper schedule for individual subjects one can make good score in test. Make schedule and execute it properly without any excuses.  
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Learn the best way to study for a test from these tips and be prepared for any future exams you take.

#1: Stick to a Study Schedule. ...

#2: Start Studying Early and Study for Shorter Periods. ...

#3: Remove Distractions. ...

#4: Reward Yourself When You Hit a Milestone. ...

#5: Rewrite the Material in Your Own Words. ...

#6: Make Flashcards.
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The best way for me and I have proven this is to just chill and don't be pressured. Have some spare time to take a break and don't push your mind to memorize everything at a minimum time. Our minds must be relaxed and ready for the test and that's why manage your reviewing time.
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