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I checked the titles of best answered questions on answeree in Google searches. If there are adequate answers then pages from answeree.com rank well on searches. I think they are using some algorithm related to content length or quality to prioritize the index for search engines. More traffic means more thanks to us. What about helping our post's links to spread on web through social media shares which helps getting more thanks to our answers in return? Isn't it a good idea?
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I don't do this mainly because I know not very one shares my passion for online writing and reward sites and I don't want to annoy my friends by flooding their pages with posts from my sites.
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Seriously, I haven't thought about it till now. At the moment, I haven't gotten any single like on the platform for all my post and new contents. Maybe I'm just going to start sharing them on social media to see the possibilities of getting more likes and thanks as well. 

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I cannot share this on social media site like Facebook because I like keeping my things secretive and none of my friends knows that am working online and I wouldn't want them to know either.

Posting the link on my Facebook timeline would be like exposing myself which I wouldn't want.Am just comfortable with the little thanks am getting from members in this site.
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I have never considered sharing the question asked on this site on any social media account. However, this could work for some people if they have a lot of friends who all work online and are looking for a new site to work on.

My social media accounts were set up for my work in mind and I like to keep them clean and not cluttered with a lot of posts about questions asked online. I understand that the more views a thread or post received, the more likely it will appear in the top pages of Google Search.

However, sharing this online won't get us more likes because it states in the rules that you must be a member of this site to comment, like and chose the best answers on the site. The site was designed with the idea that the members of the site will police this site, report spam, and upvote the articles themselves. I don't know who well this would actually work posting them on your social media site. Even if one of your followers came here, they would need to create an account in order to like your answer. 
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I don't share the questions on answeree to my social media platforms to get more thanks because; according to answeree terms and conditions, you can't be payed for comments from non members of answeree. Two my Facebook account is private, I don't want to keep sharing links or questions that may be boring to people just to get likes and comments. So I don't do that.  Am just satisfied with few thanks that I will get in this platform.
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I haven't really thought of doing that but it doesn't seem like a bad idea. However, people can't give you more thanks or comments unless they are signed in.

So in my opinion, the good thing about sharing on social media would be that the site gets more members if these visitors tend to like it. The ranking of the site on google tends to increase with more views. That is not such a bad idea and would be good for the site. 
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I'm pretty new here but I haven't done that.  I can't really see myself doing it in the future either as my facebook page is mainly for communicating with personal friends most of whom would not be interested in seeing what I do online. It's nice to have thanks because it means that someone appreciates what you write but I don't think about it too much.

I suppose if Answeree encouraged us to promote the site I might think about it as a way of getting more people to join but as we don't have referral links I guess they aren't too worried about that.
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I have never shared any my online content on social media. I don't see the benefit of it since most of my social media friends are not into online working. Most of them are only after posting how cute they look daily, sharing creative and funny contents and chatting with friends. 

Moreover, sharing the answers here on answeree.com to social media sites will not be any helpful in earning me more thanks. This is because only the people registered here are the ones who can thank me. So I just focus on answering questions correctly and with enough content and hope that someone will like my work and thank me. 
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I have never given it a try. But I think the rules stated it clearly that for one to be able to give thanks, the person must be a registered member for answeree reward programs. I for one would have loved to have many thanks through my friends on social media.
On the other hand, I wouldn't want my friends to get to know that i am having a time of my life sharing knowledge and earning simultaneously. I love doing my things discreetly without announcing it to the public what I am up to. I believe privacy is everything.

Another issue that would not permit me to share post on my social media pages is that I don't like cluttering my timeline up with posts from external sources except those that are directly from me. I love my page to be filled with personal contents that can help building my page reputably.
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Well, just like everyone else is saying, it hasn't crossed my mind. To be honest with you, I haven't even tried any social links on this site yet and I doubt the site has any such function that can enable one achieve the said subject.

Going back to the question, I have to give it to you, it's quiet a good idea, one that can really boost the sites awareness. But I doubt it's going to work as it seems to violate some of the stated rules of this site. Just like someone stated below, every answer, reply or commenting activity has to be done in-house. Hence, sharing a post to gain more thanks and drive more traffic from social media won't be possible. I wish the admin could make this a possibility as i believe it can really work for the best.

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