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Genf20: This is a very effective and popular HGH booster. It consists of a pill and a spray bottle. It is very safe and effective. It's effective delivery gives it an edge over other boosters. 

Its key ingredients are l arginine, l lysine, l tyrosine, and GABA.

HGH X2: This is also another effective HGH booster. Infact, my best friend said this booster worked so fast and well for him.The booster is geared at those trying to build muscle mass. It helps make muscle mass development faster and higher. Its main ingredients are pentatoic acid, makuna pruriens, l arginine.

GENfx: This is a very potent HGH booster. It helps combat the effects of aging. It helps you look younger by making your body produce more growth hormones in a safe way. Its main ingredients are l arginine, pituitary powder, l glutamine, and l pyroglutamate.

All these boosters are effective just make sure you get the one that you feel will solve your most essential need. If you want to try other boosters, ensure they contain l arginine because it's the most important ingredients in HGH boosters. 
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i have tried different HGH boosting supplements, most of them just provide you with nutrition which is essential for building HGH by the pituitary gland.. they don’t boost HGH in other words
there are only three ingredients which can really boost growth hormone. These are: 

  1. alpha-Glycerophosphocholine (Alpha GPC) you need to take about 1000mg to have a 1800% HGH increase ( a-GPC can be found in various HGH supplements like Genf20 etc.
  2. arginine - this amino acid is a very potent booster of HGH, you need about 10g per dose before workout to get the best boost. (
  3. green tea extract (teaghrelins) ( Ultrarelin is the only teaghrelin based booster I’ve heard of.. it can give very strong boosts of HGH if used in the proper way.

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