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How can I become a millionaire online without huge investments? I want to be a millionaire within 3 years. How can I achieve my goal? I know the question is bit weird like, but I am expecting some ideas I could do for a try.

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To be a millionaire,you have to use money to make money.These free online sites give out small amount that will never make you rich.They actually say online jobs can't make you rich but rather boost your living status a little bit.

What I'll suggest you should do if you're not ready to invest,you should have your won website,engage in blogging, if you have programming skills you should put them to practise,also freelancing jobs and finally transcribing.

With all those you'll be able to make around $100 per month and .not sure whether within three years they'll have accumulated to even one million.

What you should know is that they're not easy and you can take the whole day working on only two sites.If you're willing to do them as full time jobs,the better.
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This can be done by legal means these days. Take for example the founder of the Penny Horder. He was a starving college student who started a blog site on how he pinched pennies so he could eat. At first, he didn't attract a large number of readers, but he kept on writing and posting on the blog. His following started to grow and he decided to add Google Adsense to his site. His first check from them was a surprise and he received $100. 

His site grew, he learned more, and soon he was adding affiliate marketing to his website. Today, this site earn way over a million a year and he now has people who write for him and has expanded his business to different countries. This didn't happen overnight and took him a bit longer than the 3 years you want to give yourself. But it is possible if you can find a topic that will interest people, work hard on it, you can start earning a sizeable income from your site each month. 

Then, on the other hand, we have these people who open up pyramid sites and use the downline to get rich. There are always scams out there that will get people to invest in your worthless site. In the end, these people usually get caught and end up in jail. It is better to do this the legal way and work hard if you want to earn a million online in the next 3 years. 

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