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Hello, Answeree team! Yesterday I was getting notifications that belonged to another user and today when I opened the site I was logged as someone else I dont know.

Please help with this situation. I managed to log back into my account, but this is bad what if someone logs into my account and does something bad! 

First I was getting notifications for user poehere (the person is #1 here) then i was logged as ruthmongare this person on the screenshot attached 

Community, have you experienced that at all?

Please help!

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Yeah there was a problem with hosting company as they cache the cookies and serve the user a static page with old cookies. We have rectified it immediately. Nothing to worry about user stats etc. It won't make any changes beyond the browser. We are sorry for the inconvenience made.

Just logout and reload the page after clearing all caches and cookies. It will be fine now onwards. We already got mails from users about this and now it's settled by removing all caches from the server side.
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Thank you very much for the prompt response Answere team!

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