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answered by VISIONARY (9,071 points) 5 21 51
The rules of the game state this: A penalty taker cannot touch the ball until after another player has touched it. The other rule states that the ball must be kicked forward. The third rule states that no player from either team can enter the penalty area until the ball has been kicked.

If you examine these three rules it would be easy to say that yes they can because of the first rule. A player or the person taking the penalty shot has touched the ball and handed it off to another player. This gives him the right to make the penalty shop.

But if you look at the other two rules it clearly states that on player form either team can enter the penalty area until the ball has been kicked. So if you look at this rule then the answer would have to be no. 

I have seen some videos online where the ball has been passed to another player to make the penalty shot so it would appear that this should be fine. It just isn't stated so clearly in the rules and it is almost like one rule is overlapping the other rule.

You could easily argue that the player touched the ball before the penalty shot and this was fine they passed it on. Then if you wanted to get technical, you could say this isn't right because a player from the team entered into the penalty area before the ball was kicked. 
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Kicking the ball to a team mate is very well allowed if the team is not in the box before the pass. 

The rules says, before any penalty can be taken all the players most get out of the box 18 except the goal keeper of the team that conceded the penalty and the player taking the penalty.

Also he most not touch the ball more than once but could have another opportunity to kick the ball again after some other players might touches the ball,within the 90 minute bracket. 
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answered by ELITE (3,221 points) 5 12 23
As someone stated below, the three(3) rules regarding penalty take are:

1. The ball must be kicked forward.

2. A penalty taker can not touch the ball until after another player has touched it.
3. No player from either teams can enter the penalty area untill the ball has been kicked or played.
Drawing from the three rules stated, I'd say absolutely yes, you can pass the ball to be played by another player during a penalty shoot out. Let's take an instance using all three rules.
A penalty is awarded and a player is set to play it. Instead of playing a shot straight to the goal post, he plays a short pass to the left or right forward and one of his teammates runs into the area and plays the ball to the net.
Put all three rules into consideration while analyzing the instance I gave above, you'll find that no rule was broken. Asides that, we've also seen the likes of such instance displayed during professional games in various leagues. So the answer still remains yes.
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answered by LEGEND (6,082 points) 7 21 49
Absolutely no. It can't be done because it's unprofessionally unacceptable. You can't pass an already awarded penalty kick that is meant to be taken on the spot to your fellow team. It is against the rules of the game.

What is expected from the would-be spot kick taker is to shoot directly at the goalkeeper that is in between the two sticks.

And if luck is against the shooter, and the goalkeeper happens to parry the ball towards the direction any of the teammates of the penalty shooter, then the one that the parried ball comes to his way can then reshoot the ball to post.

If he scores it would be allowed as a goal and awarded by the referee. Only on this occasion can a penalty be scored by a teammate not by passing it to any of the teammates by the spot kick taker.

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