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How buff or muscular a guy should be to get attractive by women? Do girls prefer to date with muscular guys?
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It is obvious now. Woman decision is influenced by what they see. They gravitate towards any man with good physique. There is this affinity they have for muscular guys that they don't have for those ones with slim figures. The ones they least look at are the flabby men but they might pretend to be with them probably for their money.

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Each person has a taste...many People are only moved by appearances, and even though I think that is quite futile, I can't judge those Who like that.

Guys like to look muscular and waste soooo long at the gym when we all are going to die anyway, why not invest time in being a nice guy, smart and honest to the other person instead of Just caring about appearances? Many relationships don't work because people fall in love with the outside of the person and not the inside.

I particularly don't find lots of muscle Attractive at all, what matters is how the person is. Many women like to see muscular guys, yes, but that we can find in any Hollywood movie....for Life I would rather have someone skinny or chunky who truly cares about being a good person ;)

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A nice body is always pleasing to look at. If it is a man or a woman we both know that it is always nicer to look at a fit and trim body than one that is overweight and so badly out of shape. There is no denying it at all that women are attracted to a man who has a nice frim body and not one that is overweight with a giant beer gut.

Having a nice body doesn't necessarily mean that you need to be bulging with muscles to attract a woman. There is a fine line draw when a man has such large muscles and works out all the time and a man is physically fit. Men who only care about their body and how large their muscles are is not that attractive to a woman. However, there are some women who only want to date men like this. 

I feel if you are in shape and keep up your physical appearance this is a good start at attracting a woman of your choice. I don't think it is necessary to have giant muscles and workout every day is necessary. You'll be spending too much time in the gym and standing in front of a mirror. A woman doesn't like this and she could consider that you are vain. 
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Honestly, ladies love such kind of men who are muscular with cubes on.the tummy.Where i come from,you'll find whenever there's a concert and artists with body structures turn up to performe,ladies will be very jovial and screaming and I sit there just wondering.

For me am quite different, I like slim and tall guys. There body is well balanced unlike those muscular guys whose lower body structure is small and the upper part is filled up.It just doesn't please my eyes.
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Hi, not all girls prefer the same type of guys, but it's nice to see a body worked, but not to the extreme. That is, very skinny men, or very fat, or too muscular, as well as bodybuilders.

It is nice to see a healthy body, but one that also has good values. It's no use having a beautiful body and a bad heart.
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 It's up to the taste of the person.its change person to person.i don't say relationship never depend on physical is also a aspect most of them consider..but it is the main thing.

Most of them find muscular kind of guys attractive but may that kind of affection fade away for sometime.Some girls prefer muscular guys ,some don't care about physical appearance at all.

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