Is it possible to live without believing in any God?
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I think people are entitled to believe what they want. Many atrocities are comitted in the name of religion so you can see where these people are coming from.

I am not exactly an atheist as I believe in a higher being although not in god as he is portrayed in the bible. The bible has been translated so many times into various languages so I fail to see how it can be accurate. Anyone who knows about languages would understand that some words or phrases cannot be literally translated from one language to another because they may not exist in a second language.

I believe if there is a higher being he will recognise those who live a good and decent life here on earth and not those who blow people to pieces in his name regardless of what they believe.
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Aethist are people who don't believe in the existence of the ALMIGHTY.  Life is funny and real in the sense that each time it keeps disapproving our disbelief, and bringing us events that points to the truth. The more we disbelief the more deeper the event to disprove our disbelief untill we are left we no other option but conviction. So there comes a time when the veil is let off, and all unbelief shall turn to reality. Such time is in the ALMIGHTY hands.
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