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No. Any form of addiction does not bring any good to a person. There are a lot of studies that have already pointed out the negative effects of phone addiction such as loneliness, depression, eye strain, neck problems, blurred vision, etc. Moreover, too much use of mobile phones has significantly reduced interaction between two people. Just imagine even two people who are together physically still prefer looking at their mobile phones rather than talking to each other.

Most importantly, children who have been exposed to mobile phones or any other gadgets were found to have delayed cognitive development. Addiction in teenagers, on the other hand, caused them to be distracted in school leading to failure in studies.
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Unfortunately, the advancement of technology has had a negative impact such as addiction. For health and social purpose, addiction to mobile phones is not good. Phones have radiation which affects us, with continuous use over time. A break is needed with the use of phones, also we need to strike a balance with other activities such as family and education.   
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Anything that has merits has got demerits too. Mobile phones are good because they help pass time with social networks, a good number of people are able to make cash online using mobile phones, finally it can make a good companion to the introverts. On the contrary, mobile phones can drag one down economic wise. For those using mobile data, they can spend upto $1 on the internet. Per week this is $7 summing to around $28 per month. This isn't small amount and could have done something more important.
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Addiction to anything is very bad thing and results into bad effects.

These days addiction the mobile phones are one of the most usual habit for everyone. As every thing has its both cons and pros, mobile phone invention do have its pros and cons. 

This gadget is very helpful and beneficial but using it in wrong way is actually very harmful.

We can see many disadvantages of people being getting addicted to mobile phones, it has started to reflect on people's health, there behaviour and attitude. 

So getting addicted to mobile phones is not at all good.
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Addicted to mobile phone is not good. Every application has advantage and disadvantages. One should use it for good reason. By using mobile phone, we can learn many things. Now everything is available online. But addicted to mobile phone cause you mental and physical Illness such as headache, depression, anti-social. 
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Too addicted to something isn't good.  Regarded to phone addiction, it can make us apathetic and antisocial, less bodily activities, eyesight quality decreasing. Even when we use phone for work and gain money, it still need balanced usage.
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Addiction comes from a side effect. It's not a good addiction this is because of the different negative effects it can bring. 

There's the issue of time wastage meaning people get fixated to their phones and other work is left unattended. 

It can slow your thinking especially when depending on apps or sites to solve tour assignments this is for the case of students. 

Slow cognitive development in children exposed to phones earlier. 

Can ruin relationships _not paying attention to your partner but always fixated to the phone. 

Can develop stress leading to depression _many people post fake lives on social media and this can affect people who don't have and may be swyed by this and get frustrated. 
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