How are smartphones changing people's lives?
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Before the advent of smartphones, most of official jobs had to be done on a computer, but with smart phone you can work on the move, send, reply mails from your phone, in short most phones can print provided there is a wireless printer near by. Smartphone has made live simple and easy. And in addition most people prefer to watch their favorite programs on phone instead of waiting to get home, you can get the latest news on your phone, in conclusion smartphone is more or less like the modern computer. 
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Yes. Smart phones are using to do work when computer is not present at home. Thanks for your answer. 
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Lives have been changed due to smartphones in some positive ways as well as negative drawbacks. The most common drawbacks of using smartphones could be sleeping issues, the negative influence of parents, conflict in personal communication, time consumption on social media, ease to caught up on social media or it can also affect one's learning and comprehension.

But these drawbacks are only for those who don't know, how to use the technology in their professional and personal way. If you use smartphones in positive ways, it can be a boon for you. Likewise, you may schedule all your daily routines and can follow this. You may learn the next level things from this technology and can benefit from so many features, nowadays smartphones are introducing. 

It also depends on the smartphone you are using. Spending more means you may avail and enjoy extraordinary features on your smartphone. Generally, if you are going towards phones under 10,000 you may enjoy general features that everyone required in their smartphones. Like processing, performance, camera, capacity to store Apps you required for learning, schedule, and much more. 
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Every application has both advantages and disadvantages. Smart phone changing our life in every aspect. We stopped watching time on clocks, quit the habit of writing the letters. The technology makes life more easy and fun. Lot of friends are formed in online. 

Sometimes, It affected the studies of the student who spend more time on it. 
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It definitely changes the life of every individual in this world. I am sure it is not good for us to be left behind in using these modern smartphones. We just need to know the limitations and be responsible.
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