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Hiccups occur when the diaphragm involuntarily contracts causing a loud "hic" to come out of your mouth and the main cause of that is eating or drinking too quickly and swallowing too much air. I find that if I get it once in a day I will get it several times during that day but I do tend to bolt my food. It's not serious and doesn't normally last longer than 24 hours but I did read of a man who had hiccups for 68 years. His name was Charles Osborne who was a farmer born in Iowa in 1893.
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Hiccups is due to  imbalanced pressure inside and outside. When pressure outside is high than inside and vice versa, one tends to have hiccups. We oftenly help in cutting this out by taking a lot of water or by taking in a very deep breathe. When you go a higher or raised platform, you'll tend to have hiccups because pressure outside is high while in remains constant.
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The situation differs depending on who you ask. The following activities are the most typical causes of hiccups that last shorter than 48 hours, drinking carbonated beverages, and excessive drinking of booze.
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