The weather is getting cold here in the UK and I notice that the homeless are struggling to keep warm. Do you ever think about those who are on the streets, how they got there and whether there could be more done to help them? Could you put yourself in their shoes?
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Yes. Even if it isn't the Christmas season, I do think about them. Oftentimes I wonder how they became homeless in the first place--whether they were driven out of their homes or they took the risk of exploring for a better life in a city and ended up having worse.

I do think about them especially during the rainy season. We often rejoice during times like this because hey it's bed weather - an opportunity to stay at home and feel the comfort of our beds but the homeless do not even have a thing to shield them from the rain. I think this has to change. Something must be done to help them. No matter what they did to end up being in the streets, they, too, deserve shelter where they can feel safe and they can call home. 
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If we had a bigger home, I could have taken that into consideration. But one problem with these street kids is that, they're too immoral and are addicted to drugs. That's why they're never too comfortable staying in the orphanage because they're no freedom that they need. This Christmas the best gift that we can give them is food and some comfort.
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Some even after being taken to orphanages they run and escape they are used to street life and find living normal lives like imprisonment. 
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Christmas is a season of love and sharing and no true christian that will come across this message without stopping to think about the less privilege like the homeless people, lack of love towards other people could be a proof that the message of Christianity is not sinking. 
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Yes this is a time for sharing and spreading the love of Christ by caring for the needy and praying for the less privileged in the society. 
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Yes I do think about them and also the various people in the society who are struggling with life, health, getting food. Hence its always good to help those in need and be grateful to God for giving us a good life so we can use it to serve others for His glory. 
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