In the UK knife crime has become a real problem and anyone found with a knife on them faces a harsh punishment or even jail time. Guns are not normally a problem because our gun laws are tight. What is the crime rate like where you live?
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I do not know if you are aware of the current situation here in the Philippines but to date, there have been massive killings everywhere due to drug-related operations being executed by the government. And what is more disheartening is that these were extrajudicial killings where the marginalized are the most affected.
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I have just googled this as I wasn't really aware of it. What a frightening and dangerous situation. I hope you are safe where you live as innocents often get caught up in these mass killings.
Yes. A lot of innocent people have lost their lives in this fight against drugs. I do not understand how people can be this cruel. We only have one life, and they take it as if they own it. 
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Theft cases are often on my country. This is contributed by the high unemployment rate in my country. But over the last three years, its reduced by around 15% because these thieves noticed that once they're caught, that's their end of lives. The government is trying to control this by creating job opportunities.
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Very true unemployment is a major cause of increased crime in our country. If the issue of joblessness can be addressed it will be a great relief and the crimes would go down 
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Crimes exist where there is less monitoring, the reason developed countries rely on technology such as cameras, finger print, and access control. In my country the crime rate is high because of poor monitoring and documentation of it's citizens. In countries like the United Kingdom, the fear of denting your records have kept a lot of people away from crime. This is so because everyone is documented, and crimes can easily be traced through records.
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Crime rate in Russia increased to compare with 2019.

It's about 1380 crimes for 100000 population.

for many years city Norilsk is most dangerous city in Russia.

There is serious risk of crime in Moscow and st. Petersburg as well.
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The crime rates are reduced about 43% since March 25 when restrictions were in place to prevent Covid 19 Pandemic. Kerala reported high crime rate at 312.5 among-st all states of India. 
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Venezuela (84.49)

Papua New Guinea (81.93)

South Africa (77.49)

Afghanistan (76.23)

Honduras (76.11)

Trinidad and Tobago (73.19)

Brazil (68.88)

Peru (68.15)
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Since our president's advocacy is to stop illegal drugs, it seems like the crime rate decreased lately. However, we cannot say it in ground zero.
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Crime rate is usually associated with the jobless youths who do not have anything constructive work. This is evidence in the youth living in the slums. They go robbing, murdering, and even stabbing people with knives when executing thier evil deeds. 
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Crime rate in my country is very high. States like uttar pradesh and bihar in my country are very crimefull states in my country in past.but now in the leadership of cm yogi crime rates in these states is very low
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In my country Kenya the rate of crime is increasing day by day. This probably due to the lack of employment to mostly the youths and poor governance
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The criminal rate are higher in the region where i live. Yesterday itself a person was killed by another one for the borrowed money. Life is important than money.
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In every country in the world the citizens commits crimes like wise my country which my be very high but i think with the right leaders and security personnel it will reduce.
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