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How i can make money on Answeree? How i will withdraw my earnings? Can it possible on my Payoneer account in Pakistan? Kindly reply.

1 Answer

There are several ways to make money on Answeree:

1. Answering questions: By providing helpful and detailed answers to questions posted on the platform, you can earn money. Make sure your answers are informative and valuable to earn more.

2. Asking questions: You can also earn money by asking engaging and thought-provoking questions on Answeree.

3. Referrals: You can earn money by referring friends and family to join Answeree. You will earn a commission for each person who signs up using your referral link.

To withdraw money from Answeree, you can use your Payoneer account. Answeree supports Payoneer as a payment method. Once you have earned a minimum amount set by Answeree, you can request a withdrawal to your Payoneer account. Make sure to link your Payoneer account to your Answeree account for seamless transactions.
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Answeree also supports paypal as a withdrawal process i saw Skrill to withdraw,I don't know about being paid when asking questions what I know is you get paid through answering questions and comments but when I comment I don't get any points don't know why 
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