If I send an email to the wrong recipient in Gmail, is there any option to recall the email back?
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If the mail has been already got into recipients inbox then there is no way to delete it. But you can undo or call back an email in Gmail immediately after sending it.

Steps to delete an email in Gmail

  • First, you have to enable the undo option
  1. Go to Gmail and login
  2. Get into settings by clicking on the Gear icon on the top-right position
  3. In settings, the default tab is General Tab. Scroll down
  4. Find an 'Undo Send' option and Enable it.
  5. Set the expiry time there to the maximum. It's 30 seconds
  • To undo a sent email:
  1. Find a notice appear immediately after sending a Gmail.
  2. There will be an undo button shown on the popup which can be seen at the lower bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on the undo button to delete or call back your already sent email.
  4. Remember, you have only 30 seconds to react.


You can see the blue color undo button in the image.

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Once you hit the send button there is no way to get it back. The mail is delivered to the inbox of the person almost immediately. There are many times a person asks this question because they sent the mail to the wrong person or they changed their mind. Next time save the message as a draft before you decide to send it. This way you can read the draft from time to time and decide if you want to send it or not. 
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You can undo the email immediately after sending it. On gmail android apps you can see an undo pop-up immediately after sending an email. It is only about 10 seconds. You can make it up to 30 seconds long in the settings.
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1. Check your unsend settings 

Start by signing into the Gmail with your account

Then select the gear icon in the upper left hand corner, just above email list 

From this menu, select settings 

2. Adjust settings if necessary

Scroll down the general tab until you see the undo Send section 

Here, you will see an option to adjust the send cancelation period 

When finished, scroll to the bottom of the settings section and save your changes.


3. Send a test email

Hit compose and address a quick mail to yourself 

When you are ready, hit the blue send blue button 
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Recall an email with undo send.

1) On your computer, Go to Gmail

2) On the top right, click settings

3) Next to " Undo Send " , select a cancellation period of 5,10,20 or 30 seconds.
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