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I love sticking with a particular phone for as long as I want since its not faulty.
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Normally, as long as the smartphone is still in good working condition, I wouldn't mind using it for at least 2 to 3 years before making arrangements to having it replaced. 
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I always try to use my smartphone as long as there is no issue with it. I am not the type of person that will always want to spend a whole lot of time trying to buy a new phone. So, I stuck to one as long as it lasted.
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There were times that I have to change my phone because I wasn't satisfied with it. It just took me 6 months to change another phone brand.

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I think I am like you. I don't really like buying new phones all the time. I used an old iPhone 3 for over 6 years until it had issues with updating. I then was forced to buy a new phone. I decided on the iPhone 6 Plus, but this was a very bad choice. The iPhone 6 Plus had a defect in the motherboard screen touch sensor chip that would cause the phone to block or not open. The phone would freeze and it was hard to get it unlocked or answer calls. Apple did change out the motherboard on the phone for a fee of $150. After this, I didn't really trust the phone much and decided to sell the phone and buy a new one. I used the iPhone 6 Plus for 3 years with this issue and learned how to get around it. I personally don't plan on buying another phone for a number of years and I do like the new phone I have just purchased. 

Other people have to have all the newest technology and when a new phone hits the market they need to be the first to own one. I have always considered this a bit expensive and a total waste of money. When my phone breaks or can no longer accept updates then it is time to change it out. Not before. 
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Wow, you have managed to use one phone for 6 long years, that is incredible because I haven't managed to get past 3 years with any Android devices far. I have actually tried but on the 3rd year, it's inevitable for me not to replace the phone. 
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I prefer using the same same as long as its still functioning.Am not into photography in that I'll have to buy a new phone the moment throne am currently using its camera got spoilt.

I'll always go for a new phone that's gor got a 16gb internal storage and 2gb RAM, good camera and nice features so that I can stay with it for long.

The current phone am using is 2years old and its served me well within the last two years until last month its inbuilt battery got spoilt and I changed and new its back to normal.Am not intending to buy another phone any sooner.
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The only mobile phone which I have used more than 3 years is not a smartphone but ordinary Java phone called Nokia 3310. If my memory serves me well, I used this phone more than 8 years before I grew tired of it. 
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I rarely switch phones for no reason. Just like someone stated below, I like to use a particular phone as long as it still functions well. If ever it develops a faulty part or catches a bug, I simply fix it. The only time I get to change a phone is when it crashes, goes missing or gets stolen. The two later happens more often with me, so it's likely you'd see me using a new phone every couple of months.

Come to think of it, there's this one time I used one particular phone for almost two years without any mishap. This was back in the late 2000s' when blackberry was dominating the market. It was my first blackberry device, Curve to be precise. You can say I had the blackberry fever, this is because I never could spend more than an hour without getting my fingers busy with the phone. This is probably why I didn't loose it. Unfortunate, I crashed and I had to change it because it wasn't fixable.
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Just like you, I'd like to stick with my current phone as long as it works. I am not the type of person who would be swayed into buying a new phone just because what I'm using doesn't sit along the lines of the trending phones. This doesn't only apply with phones but with other gadgets as well.

What I would very much like to do is to utilize the gadget and get my money's worth. After all, I did not spend a few bucks just to have something that would easily be dysfunctional after a couple of years. Although, I can't say that I did get the interest of having a new phone while the other one's still working. I do get that a lot especially when there are certain features that is lacking with the phone that I'm using. During these times, what I tend to do is to wait for the value to depreciate so I can buy it a lot cheaper that the original price.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 17 70
I usually use one phone for a pretty long time what I try to do is whenever I'm.getting a phone I try to buy the best in terms  of durability and I go for features that will really be helpful to me for a long time in a phone,so with all these in place I don't bother about a new phone for a very long time.

But I have always been lucky that most of my phones are gifts and this have reduced my rate of buying phones but sometimes I can  use a particular phone for more than 4 year's. This way I will be saving money,it's cost effective that way, I will be able to get other things with the money I would have used to get the phone and most importantly I would still have such amount in my savings instead of buying a phone with it.

The first thing I buy to protect my phone when I just buy is screen guard.
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Screen guards are very important when it comes to providing protection for the phone's screen especially if you are the careless type who drops his phone accidentally. 

Durability is another important thing that would make you use one phone for too long because as it's not damaged, you don't have any reason to change it. 
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I always get phones on a two year contract and then after this time my network provider will contact me and tell me I can upgrade. By this time the battery is deteriorating and the memory full so I am quite happy to get a new one. I love getting a new phone and have Samsung A3 at the moment which I have been very happy with, When it's time to upgrade I think it will definitely be another Samsung.

When I first get it I like to check out all the features and in particular the camera. I will bluetooth any relevant information from my old phone such as contacts but I always keep the same number as I know it off by heart and it saves a lot of time and trouble letting everyone know a new number, Usually I will get a screen protector with my new phone but I love choosing a new case for it to make it special and protect it from damage.
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I love to buy new model of phone to be honest but I am saving my money so I will stick to my phone until I can afford to buy a new one. At present times, it is easy to change the model of the phone. One new model will come out after 3 months. Before you know it, the model unit of your phone is already old. I just closed my eyes on that. Even if I wanted to buy a new one, I cannot do it as of this time because I have priorities. I have things to look up before anything else. i stick to my old one and better be thankful I have mobile than I don't have. Besides, as long as I can use the internet, I can use it for texting and calling, that is okay with me. I am learning to be satisfied because it is even hard when I cannot provide food for the family, than buying new phone.
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I prefer to use a particular phone for as long as it can take me. I don't catch the fever of the newest gadget in town or the latest brand. Even when my phone is faulty, I fix it until I can't fix it no more. If for any reason I plan to get a new phone other than that, it would be because the present one has stopped performing the functions I want, or the new one has an added advantage that I need.
Sometimes I see people with mobile phones that they do not know how to utilize the functions effectively. More like they do not have the need for it but they still bought it just because it is the latest model in town. I guess it is different strokes for different folks.
My current mobile phone is almost three years now and still I don't have any plans to change it anytime soon. It lets me do everything I want.
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Well, when it comes to how long I make use of any particular smartphone device that I bought, I have a maximum of years which I would have to use a mobile device before making preparations to having it changed. Normally, I would have to make use of any android smartphone for at least a minimum of 2 years before considering changing it.

If I could afford to have it changed at the second year of usage, I would definitely do so but if I can't, I would take it up to the third year which is the maximum number of years which I would use any mobile smartphone for any reason whatsoever.

Although before I started making use of android devices, I could easily make use of the ordinary devices more than 5 years and still never get bothered about changing.
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I am always comfortable with the same phone for a long period of time provided it is satisfied me with all I want to do with it and it doesn't developed fault repeatedly but the moment the version of the phones is not longer invoke I try to get new ones that will better than the former.
Base on my findings most brands of phones don't last more than five years before other brands are launched so possibly I use a brand of phone in less than 5 years before I change it and the funny thing is that they still remain very functional despite out of trends.
I have seen people who still keep the old phones while the opt for new one,  a friend still has a phone that is 8 years old currently.
We are always forced to get new brand phones because they have do have new motivational features

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