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I love sticking with a particular phone for as long as I want since its not faulty.

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answered by LEGEND (7,160 points) 4 14 34
I think I am like you. I don't really like buying new phones all the time. I used an old iPhone 3 for over 6 years until it had issues with updating. I then was forced to buy a new phone. I decided on the iPhone 6 Plus, but this was a very bad choice. The iPhone 6 Plus had a defect in the motherboard screen touch sensor chip that would cause the phone to block or not open. The phone would freeze and it was hard to get it unlocked or answer calls. Apple did change out the motherboard on the phone for a fee of $150. After this, I didn't really trust the phone much and decided to sell the phone and buy a new one. I used the iPhone 6 Plus for 3 years with this issue and learned how to get around it. I personally don't plan on buying another phone for a number of years and I do like the new phone I have just purchased. 

Other people have to have all the newest technology and when a new phone hits the market they need to be the first to own one. I have always considered this a bit expensive and a total waste of money. When my phone breaks or can no longer accept updates then it is time to change it out. Not before. 
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answered by LEGEND (5,023 points) 4 7 17
I prefer using the same same as long as its still functioning.Am not into photography in that I'll have to buy a new phone the moment throne am currently using its camera got spoilt.

I'll always go for a new phone that's gor got a 16gb internal storage and 2gb RAM, good camera and nice features so that I can stay with it for long.

The current phone am using is 2years old and its served me well within the last two years until last month its inbuilt battery got spoilt and I changed and new its back to normal.Am not intending to buy another phone any sooner.

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