What are the reasons behind losing interest in studies?

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A lot of reasons could be responsible for lost of interest by students, one could be lack of interest in the course of study as a result of poor understanding, poor facilities, and poor lecturing.  Second could be addiction to drugs, games, parties, etc. The harmful effect of addiction is that it takes away the time that would have been dedicated to studying or any other commitment. Thirdly could be personal problems such as health or psychological or emotional problem.  
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Attitude towards the teacher or the subject is the main cause for the students to lose interest on their study. It becomes so boring, being taught by someone you don't love or being taught a subject that you've hates for such a long time.  The best way to handle this is by working on the students attitude  then the rest will follow.  Even if a subject is hard but there's some positive attitude, trust me,  with time you'll do very well. 
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As a current graduate student, I will be drawing from my own experience. Typically, I lose interest in a particular course when I perceive that the professor himself is not totally engaged i.e. too many unexcused absences. I also find it difficult to be interested in a particular course when it hasn't been taught well. I do acknowledge that professors vary in the way they communicate with their students but sometimes others fail to ensure that their students grasped the topic very well.

These are just some reasons that I have experienced first hand. 
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The main reason behind this is the students are not getting friendly atmosphere in their educational institutions. They are always under artificial pressure created by their parents and teachers that forcibly tends them to achieve a good result. Teachers nowadays are giving emphasize on bookish knowledge while giving lecture to the students. To make lesson easier and effective for the students hard work is needed to be carried out by the teachers. Unfortunately students are deprived of getting effective education due to the commercial attitude of the teachers.
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This is the most common problem being faced by many students. The major reason for the same is the focus. The students now a days get attracted towards other activities very easily. The most of them are related to internet surfing, chatting, social media, Gaming, parties, addiction towards other activities etc. This attraction lead to lack of focus and concentration towards studies. To solve the problem, students must manage the time so that they get good amount of time for studies. During the rest of the time they can engage themselves in the other activities. This will help them to restrict themselves against the unwanted activities.
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