We can see on the news that big leaders tweeted this that etc. Why all are using twitter to share their thoughts? Why not using Facebook or any other social media?
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Twitter seems to have more of a celebrity status and connects with many people of importance. Even Donald Trump tweets along with other politicians. Facebook tends to connect with people we know personally, our friends and relatives.
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I think this is because Facebook, as a social media has been built for you to connect with your peers whereas Twitter has been used as a broadcasting platform to allow you to connect with people that you do not have direct connection with. The fact that one can have as much followers on Twitter makes it a more efficient platform especially in communicating with your audiences. Remember that the sharing feature or Retweet originated on Twitter with this very concept of sharing information, with the added feature of trending topics to keep people updated of the current and most-talked about issues. 
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The world leaders use Twitter as Twitter is used to express the views on a subject. And apart from the Twitter, the Facebook is the social media network where people gets connect with each other. The information is shared in between two users on Facebook but in case of Twitter, the Twitter is used if you want to express your views over any topic or incident. 
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For transparency with the public. To avoid media filtering of what is and what is not to be heard and learned straight to the public. 
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Are there any statistics about it? I am not sure if we can generalize this concern. Perhaps they are more comfortable using Twitter than other social media.
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Twitter is short, brief, concise and to point. With the limited number of characters that you can type it serves to be a time server and also most people are not familiar with the use of the hash tags and the whole language in Twitter which makes them dodge the platform.

Facebook is simple to use and can be easily hacked compared to Twitter which is heavily guarded.
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I agree with your notion about it. There are times that some people would not agree to certain posts because they might think the posted things are fake. Facebook is full of scam information.
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With the little knowledge i have i think facebook was created for us to connect with our family and friends easily, while twitter is for important stuff.
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