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Today you see many short links online that will direct you to some website to fill out a survey or view an ad. People earn money when someone clicks on these links. Do you happen to share short links on your social media accounts to earn money?

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If you have an account for shrink site and you want to get more views faster, We should share it immediately on social media but first, we need to have a catchy topic who can attract users to click the link that you shared to social media, Some people used attracting pictures to get views, or some people used a movie site and shrink the link and share to social media (Especially if the movie is new) to gain more views.
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I bet that's the last earning opportunity I'll ever use.In fact there are good number of them nowadays but the biggest problem is their payment. I came across one that was paying $1 for 1000 views.The one most paying one have come across was $3 for 1000views.This same as working in captcha solving sites like pro typers.I came to realise that the only way to earn from this is paying people some token for them to click those links otherwise it will take you days to get 1000 viewers.
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Wow, seems a bit strange because there are sites that pay $14 for 1000 view in tier 1 countries. I guess you were looking at some of the really old sites that didn't pay you well in the past. Most sites now offer a good amount of money to use their short links. 
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Hi @poehere I really have a hard time searching for a site like that, I tried to research short links to earn money but all I can see is 2 to 3 dollars per 1000 views, How did you find it? you're a real legend bro!
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@ruthmongare we are just the same, I give up to that short links because I'm not really good on how to do click bait or how to make my topic to be attractive. It's hard to earn even $1 dollar with the short links, to earn you should really have many friends on different social media so you can gain more views.
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Sites are now offering more because so many places are not allowing people to use short links on them. I know many forums that forbid the use of short links on the forum. Furthermore, if you add these to your website, you'll have an issue with your ranking in Google. When a bot scans a site and finds one of these they mark this page as an error and won't display it any longer on search results. I feel this is another reason why sites are starting to realize they have issues with the links being on their pages and have not forbidden people from using them. In order to attract people to these sites and entice them to use the links, they offer a higher payout. It still isn't worth it at all. 

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