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Many website owners and bloggers now use affiliate marketing to make money online. What is your favorite affiliate site to use?
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For me, clickbank is the best. They have a lot of products in a wide variety of niches. However, their affiliate links are rather clumsy and so I strongly advise you to use url shorteners.

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Google Adsense is a very popular affiliate marketing platform - lots of blogs will use this to monetize site traffic. 

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For me, Google Adsense is the top number 1 affiliate. But there are rules on the site to follow in order to earn much and maintain a good account. also, I know other like infolink. I have not yet done for a long time but I want to try it how good it is. That's only I can say. There are some but I don't know it all.
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I'm an Amazon affiliate, Amazon affiliate marketing program is an associate program for everyone that can market products that are sold on Amazon marketplace. It very easy to use just sign up and gets the banners and links and advertise with them,anyone that buys through your links net one some commissions.

Amazon allows affiliates make various amount of commission depending on the category of product sold but the net is usually 5% commission.

Amazon affiliate is a great program to join because there are varieties of products to promote and Amazon is a very popular brand and people are always willing to buy their products.Amazon has different tools that can assist an affiliate make a sale,one can still make a commission from the program even if a customer buys another thing from the store even if it was wasn't what was referred provided they click through one link.
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I use Wealthy Affiliate platform for tools, community and quality training. They have literally everything you need to create your own brand from the ground to the top lists. It is a platform for affiliate marketers of all levels and I feel blessed I found it. I definitely recommend it to everyone that wants to learn, put some effort and become financial independent. It costs $47 per month, which is very little if it is to compare it with other platforms that don't even have such a great and new technology. They are the best in affiliate marketing from 2005 and they're still rolling and change people lives. 

I forgot to mention that they offer you 20 free lessons that will help you understand the whole process. You will not need a credit card when you sign up. There are also people who make money with the free membership, so you don't have to upgrade if you don't want to, no one will force you.

I recommend it with all my heart! Also, if you want to know more, I wrote a review and you can read it here: Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing - Wealthy Affiliate University. It's not that kind of review that presents only the good parts. I offered all the info I could, based on my personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate. You will find both positive and negative aspects.

I wish you all success!

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There are many affiliate programs someone can join and start to earn.

As for me I like SFI affiliate program because it worldwide and also has many paying methods where one can pay and receive money wherever they are in the world and its has wide variety of products that one can sale and also buy.

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